An angel appeared to three little girls at Rosa Mystica House of Prayer in Edmeston, New York

An angel appeared to three little girls at Rosa Mystica House of Prayer in Edmeston, New York

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An angel appeared to three little girls at Rosa Mystica House of Prayer in Edmeston, New York

Rosa Mystica
EDMESTON, New York, JULY 29, 2015 (Christian News Service) — A real life video documentary of a conversion to the Catholic faith after three children at the Rosa Mystica Shrine were visited by an angel is touching the hearts of Catholics and Christians alike around the world.

Entitled “First Hand Encounter Through the Eyes of a Child,” the video is narrated by Char Vance of FocusTV


Three sisters praying the rosary for the first time in the Rosa Mystica House of Prayer in Edmeston, New York experienced a life-changing apparition and conversion through an encounter with an angel.

“My daughters came running down the stairs of the chapel as I was working in the gift shop saying mommy, there is an angel upstairs next to the alter, come see” says Christine Knapp, the mother of the three little girls. “I was overwhelmed.”

To the right of the Chapel’s alter, just next to the life-size statue of the Rosa Mystica, the angel appeared and spoke to the three little girls who had been praying with Padre Pio rosary beads. Head turned and smiling the angel said to them, “Continue to pray.” 

Encounters with angels have previously preceded the appearance of the Blessed Mother. 

“There have been many divine interventions here,” says Father Bill McCarthy, one of several priests who speak and offer the sacraments at Rosa Mystica. The story of Rosa Mystica is about prayer, penance and reparation.  

Many healings, conversions and spiritual encounters have happened there. 

After building almost 45 hospitals, schools, churches, and novitiates around the world in the name of several saints, The Rosa Mystica Foundation, through the generous support of thousands of believers, has turned this mystical site in to a 133-acre spiritual retreat center for the faithful. 

“My father’s life was committed to the poor, laity and the Blessed Mother,” said Joanne Von Zwehl, now president of the Foundation. “Our work continues as a devotion to the Blessed Mother.”

“This is a true miracle, the conversion story of a family,” said Father Gode Iwele, O.M.I, who, for the past two years has been the spiritual director of Rosa Mystica. “A mother and three daughters never baptized and next thing I know there is a Catholic wedding. This is a story of devotion and love.”

For more information and to learn about the Rosa Mystica Foundation’s work around the world in the name of the Blessed Mother, go to  To see the video go to  

All Catholic and Christian media and clergy are welcome as free guests to the Rosa Mystica House of Prayer.  Please contact 516-624-9033 to schedule your visit. 

Source: Rosa Mystica House of Prayer

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