Black Pastors Denounce Michigan Republicans “Dance with the Devil” on Elliott-Larson

Black Pastors Denounce Michigan Republicans “Dance with the Devil” on Elliott-Larson

Michigan GOP House Speaker Bolger “sold his soul” for $100,000 from so called “gay rights” advocates, pastors say

Detroit, Michigan, August 22, 2014 | | — On Wednesday, a group of Black Christian pastors and ministers condemned what they called state Republican leaders’ “dance with the devil” regarding legislation they said is discriminatory and would threaten religious freedom and women’s privacy rights by adding so-called “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Elliott-Larson Act, the state’s civil rights law.

The pastors said Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republicans risk losing the votes of Christian families in the upcoming 2014 general election “if they rush to hop in the same political bed with homosexual activists.”

“Speaker Jase Bolger and other Republican hypocrites in Lansing are now dancing with the devil,” stated Rev. James Crowder, Senior Pastor of St. Galilee Baptist Church- Detroit and President of the Westside Minister’s Alliance said, “selling out traditional morality and our religious freedom in return for cash from the same ‘gay’ multimillionaires whose campaign funding they’ve condemned in past elections.”

They cited Bolger’s acceptance of a $50,000 PAC contribution last month from nationally prominent homosexual activist and Democratic Party financier Tim Gill of Denver.

Gill and billionaire Jan Stryker, also of Denver, funded the Democratic takeover of Colorado’s legislature in 2006; Jan Stryker is the sister of homosexual billionaire Jon Stryker of Kalamazoo, who Michigan Republicans condemned in recent campaign cycles for spending millions of dollars in a similar attempt to defeat GOP legislative candidates here.

Stacy Swimp, Founder of Revive Alive Ministry and Spokesman for the group, states “It’s simply Minister Stacy Swimpbeyond belief that leaders of the Republican party, which claims to represent traditional family values, would even consider legislation that threatens the privacy rights, comfort, and safety of women, as attested to even by lesbian activists. But apparently, those values are for sale if the price is right.”

The pastors note that even many lesbians and feminists believe women’s privacy should be protected by law and, thus, oppose amending the Elliott Larson Act to include sexual orientation language.

Swimp cited a 2012 letter written by lesbians Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights urging the commission not to endorse so-called “gender identity” policies.

Brennan and Hungerford wrote: “the proliferation of legislation designed to protect ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ undermines legal protections for females vis-à-vis sex segregated spaces, such as female-only clubs, public restrooms, public showers, and other spaces designated as ‘female only.’ Females require sex-segregated facilities for a number of reasons, chief among them the documented frequency of male sexual violence against females.”

The Pastors are sending a very clear message to both Republicans and Democrats in Michigan who are seeking to include sexual orientation language in the Elliott Larson Act.

“Speaker Bolger is term-limited, but Gov. Snyder is not,” Rev. Emory Moss asserted. “We hope other pastors across the state of Michigan will join us in urging their congregations not to vote in the governor’s race this fall if the governor, other Lansing Republicans, as well as Democrats continue to push an agenda that threatens religious freedom and women’s privacy rights.”

Editor’s Note: The Pastors are represented by the Thomas More Law Center in their defense of Traditional Marriage between one man and one woman- in Michigan and across the United States.


Source: Revive Alive Missional Ministry

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