Bridges for Peace Celebrates 50 Years of Stand Strong With Israel

Bridges for Peace Celebrates 50 Years of Stand Strong With Israel

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Margalit Friedman 

Bridges for Peace International Assistant
Bridges for Peace
Bridges for Peace Celebrates 50 Years of 
Stand Strong With Israel
Jerusalem, Nov. 12, 2014 |Christian News Service| — Conceived a half-century ago by its founder, Dr. G. Douglas Young, Bridges for Peace today is a leading international Christian organization that actively promotes and supports the Jewish State. Its explicit mission: “Christians supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world.”
With offices in nine countries, Bridges for Peace works to build understanding between Christians and Jews. It expresses support of Israel in activities that include global advocacy — hasbara — on Israel’s behalf. Advocacy efforts include an uncompromising stand against all expression of antisemitism.

Bridges for Peace also seeks to express the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam, the ideal of ‘repairing the world,’ by acts of tangible support. In this spirit, Bridges efforts include assistance for new immigrants to Israel and monthly food supplies to 28,000 people in more than fifty communities throughout the country.


Bridges for PeaceBridges for Peace donates the first of two ambulances in 2014 to Magen David Adom L-R: Rebecca Brimmer, CEO of Bridges; Jess Gibson, Board Chairman of Bridges; Yoni Yagodovsky, MDA Director. Photo by Debra Williams
Bridges also contributes to the safety of Israelis with contributions of bomb shelters and ambulances. In partnership with Heart to Heart, in 2014 Bridges has raised money for two fully equipped ambulances. Heart to Heart, a separate entity, is a program that supports Israel’s blood supply, ambulance and EMS services. This week Bridges dedicated the first of these two ambulances for use in Jerusalem by Israel’s foremost emergency service provider, Magen David Adom.
At this week’s unveiling ceremony in Jerusalem, Bridges CEO, Rebecca Brimmer, said, “We are committed to helping Israel in good times as well as bad. This ambulance is a gift from Christians around the world to show their support for the nation.”
As a Christian organization, Bridges is appalled by expressions of Christianity that, throughout the centuries, have vilified, oppressed, and even killed Jews for their ethnic identity and religious beliefs. Bridges for Peace notes that the founder of Christianity himself was not only Jewish but also an observant Jew who was fully committed to every word, every “jot and tittle” of the Torah. Bridges affirms that Jews and Christians honor this same Torah as nothing less than revelation of God’s Word for all humanity, an ineffable revelation of life given to and through His uniquely chosen human tribe: the descendants of Abraham – through Isaac and Jacob.
Working with Israel’s mayors, social workers and government agencies, in war time and in peace, Bridges for Peace is Israel’s unconditional friend. 
Source: Bridges for Peace
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