Castle Quay Books Announces Newest Leadership Title by Preston Manning

Castle Quay Books Announces Newest Leadership Title by Preston Manning



Castle Quay Books Announces Newest Leadership Title by Preston Manning


Faith, Leadership and Public Life: Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus

By Preston Manning 

Few leaders can tackle the linkage between faith, leadership, public life and politics as Preston Manning can. This book is proof of that!

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 Toronto (November 2017) – Castle Quay Books is pleased to announce the release of its newest leadership title Faith, Leadership and Public Life: Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus by Preston Manning

The connection between faith, leadership and public life is a complex one, as Preston Manning knows all too well from his years as a scout and trailblazer on Canada’s political frontiers. Now, in his new book Faith, Leadership and Public Life: Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus he fearlessly tackles this subject by drawing upon his own years in Canada’s Parliament and political arena and upon relevant lessons to be learned from the public lives of the founding giants of Judaism and the Christian faith.

Starting with the public life of Jesus himself, he also draws upon the experience of those leaders whom Jesus most frequently referenced, such as Moses and David, as well as examining the lives of leaders such as Joseph and Daniel who were called upon to exercise their faith in societies and political systems hostile to their beliefs.

He challenges people of faith today to learn from their examples about how to conduct ourselves responsibly at the faith-political interface while bringing what Jesus called “salt and light” to bear on the political issues and structures of our times. If you are a person of faith, currently active in politics or leadership, or contemplating involvement in either, this book will help you in meeting those challenges.

About The Author:


Author Preston Manning

Ernest Preston Manning is the Founder of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. He has also served as a Senior Fellow of the Fraser Institute, a Senior Fellow of the Canada West Foundation, a Distinguished Visitor in Canadian Public Policy at the University of Calgary, and as the Dean’s Distinguished Visitor in Political Science and Canadian Studies at the University of Toronto.

From 1987 to 2002, he was an active participant in Canadian federal politics and was one of the principal founders of the Reform Party of Canada in 1987 and the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance (Canadian Alliance) in 2000. He served as Leader of the Reform Party from 1987 to 2000, as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament from 1997 to 2000, and as Opposition Critic for Science and Technology from 2000 to 2001.

He is the author of two Canadian bestsellers, The New Canada (Macmillan, 1992), and Think Big: My Adventures in Life and Democracy (McClelland & Stewart, 2002). He is a frequent speaker at conferences and conventions, as well as being a radio and television commentator. Besides commenting on political and economic themes, he speaks and writes extensively on the relation of faith to politics, science, business, and conflict resolution.


What people are saying about this book:

“This book is replete with wise biblical insight into the most acute challenges of contemporary leadership. It offers a veritable feast to those many believers seeking to follow Christ in the public marketplace and searching for substantial practical help. Preston Manning … pulls off a marvellous blend of theological insight and practical application that would put most preachers to shame.”

—Dr. Paul Williams, CEO, British and Foreign Bible Society

“The worlds of religion and politics are going through a uniquely turbulent time … or maybe not.  Manning’s compelling insights from the Bible and his own experience will change your perspective.”
Kevin Jenkins, President and CEO, World Vision International

“Preston’s use of storytelling keeps this potentially complex issue interesting and practical. A must-read for those who love politics or faith and want to understand how the two can work together seamlessly.”
The Honourable Chuck Strahl PC, Former Cabinet Minister and Member of the Parliament of Canada

“Manning’s new book connects Jesus to contemporary issues twenty centuries later. It also indicates why a native of Nazareth has a nominal following today of over a billion persons after a public career of only 36 months.”
The Honourable David Kilgour PC, Former Cabinet Minister and Member of the Parliament of Canada

“Few leaders know what it is to step onto a national stage to shape and sustain public opinion and action for a better democracy. Preston Manning has done that, not once, but twice, through his leadership in creating political parties, which gave him voice as Leader of the Official Opposition to the Government of Canada. This book contains Preston Manning’s true-north wisdom, and is essential reading for reflective leadership.”
Lorna Dueck, CEO, Crossroads Global Media Group



Faith, Leadership and Public Life: Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus is available at most bookstores through Parasource Marketing & Distribution Canada or on Castle Quay Books web site.


Soft Cover -ISBN 978-1-927355-91-6 – $19.95 in Canada

e-book        -ISBN 978-1-927355-92-3 – $9.95 in Canada


360 pages, size 6″ x 9″

Distributed by Parasource Marketing & Distribution Canada

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