Mercy Chefs Interview On ‘Our American Stories’ with Host Lee Habeeb

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  Chef Gary LeBlanc and Mercy Chefs volunteers deployed to Houston before the storm hit… and they’re serving thousands of meals to people who have just lost everything. Hear his stories from the ground, and help if you can: Schedule Interviews Here

David Kupelian And E.W. Jackson Say That God Has Put An Aversion To Homosexuality In The Hearts Of Children

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On his radio program yesterday, Religious Right activist E.W. Jackson interviewed WorldNetDaily’s David Kupelian, where the two agreed that homosexuality is obviously unnatural based on the fact that small children are grossed out by the sight of two men or two women kissing. “We now have 4-year-old kids in preschool where we have lesbian and [...]

NY Museum Creates Virtual Conversations with Holocaust Survivors

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New Dimensions in Testimony, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park City, Manhattan, is an interactive testimony installation—created by USC Shoah Foundation— which allows visitors to have “virtual conversations” with Holocaust survivors Pinchas Gutter and Eva Schloss. Visitors ask questions and lifelike projections of Gutter and Schloss answer in real time—offering personal reflections [...]

Alaskan Pilot Releases aviation Thriller ‐ ‘Last of the Long Hunters’

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Last of the Long Hunters A true piece of Alaska! Want to learn what flying the wilds of the Alaskan Arctic was like? This is your book! True life recollections of a real bush pilot, hunter and trapper who lived this life for decades in the Great Land. Stories of flying airplanes and long-range [...]

Facebook Hires 3,000 Staff to Monitor Hate speech

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Submitted by The Clarion Project Social media giant Facebook is increasing its crackdown on what it perceives as hateful content. The company is hiring an additional 3,000 content reviewers to monitor the site, according to the New York Post. “There is absolutely no place on Facebook for hate speech or content that promotes violence or [...]

State Auditor Stacey Pickering to Speak at Oxford Pachyderm Club Luncheon September 21st

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Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering Will address the state’s overall financial health OXFORD, MS, September 15, 2017 | | - State Auditor Stacey Pickering is scheduled to be the featured speaker at the upcoming Oxford Pachyderm Club luncheon Thursday, September 21, 2017. The State Auditor is responsible for auditing all state agencies, county governments, [...]

Indonesian woman lashed 100 times for being in presence of man she is not married to

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Author: THE ASIAN AGE A huge crowd of citizens in Aceh witnessed the savage punishment. A married woman in Indonesia lashed 100 times for being in  a "private place" with a man that is not her husband.  A Sharia court found her guilty of the crime, according to a report by The Sun. A huge [...]

Bishop E.W. Jackson calls for Nationwide Observances on September 17 – 230th Anniversary of Constitution’s Passage

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“While Antifa is creating unrest and division and a few racists and white supremacists are using Confederate monuments to get attention, Americans are forgetting one of the most important days in our history. September 17th is the 230th Anniversary of the passage of the Constitution.” That statement was issued by E.W. Jackson, President and Founder of STAND, [...]

Liberty University: Center for Law & Government to celebrate Constitution Week Sept. 18-22

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Liberty University’s Center for Law & Government will host a full week of events to celebrate the U.S. Constitution, coinciding with national Constitution Week. The week’s events are free and open to the public and intended to increase understanding of the U.S. Constitution. A replica of the constitution will be on display in the Jerry [...]

Christian Action League: Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts was soundly defeated by a 46 to 36 percent margin.

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CHARLOTTE, NC, September 13, 2017 | | - Tuesday, Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles defeated Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts in the Democratic mayoral primary. Roberts was soundly defeated by a 46 to 36 percent margin. From the beginning to the present, Roberts was at the heart of the HB 2 controversy, commonly referred to [...]