Just Released: “Protecting the President” by Dan Bongino

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TruthPR (@TruthClips) is excited to share Dan Bongino’s new book.  Show host Dan Bongino, of the top-ranked Renegade Republican, covers the intersection of economics and politics. Click here to Order his book: Protecting the President: An Inside Account of the Troubled Secret Service in an Era of Evolving Threats From Conservative Review: Whether threats come [...]

Book Signing: Jeff McManus with GROWING WEEDERS INTO LEADERS

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It's by no accident that the University of Mississippi ranks among the most beautiful college campuses nationwide. Led by Jeff McManus, the University's landscape team follows McManus's approach of individual growth and empowerment within each member of the team. At some point in postmodern life, individual greatness has lost its appeal for many of us. It has [...]

That Nothing May Be Lost

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Reflections on Catholic Doctrine and Devotion by Fr. Paul Scalia - published by Ignatius Press, 2017 A Book Review by Father John McCloskey   Among the many achievements of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia must be counted his son, Father Paul Scalia. Many Catholics in America were introduced to him through his father's televised [...]

The Case for Christ movie: An atheist wrestles with the evidence

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Atheist Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) discusses faith with a Chicago Tribune colleague. If you’re a committed atheist and your spouse becomes a follower of Jesus, it might just rock your world.  That’s what happened to hardnosed Chicago Tribune legal affairs editor Lee Strobel, who marshalled his skills in journalism and law to find [...]

Wonder Woman movie: Want her on your side?

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Wonder Woman  She deflects speeding bullets with her bracelets, swan dives off a tall cliff to rescue an Army officer who’s crash landed in the ocean, and dazzles with spectacular sword-and-shield combat moves.  Her golden lasso compels you to tell the truth.  She’s a friend/companion to the Army officer, a princess to her [...]

Alaskan Pilot Releases Aviation Thriller ‐ ‘Last of the Long Hunters’

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Alaskan Pilot Releases Aviation Thriller  'Last of the Long Hunters'   Soon to be a Movie Executive producer Tim Maloney of Patterns of Evidence, Director Miles  Hanon from Point of the Spear. May 3, 2017 | TruthPR |-- Last of the Long Hunters records the life of a young pilot working and flying in Alaska’s Frontier [...]

Barna: Agreeing on Change That Most Americans Want Won’t Be Easy

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Agreeing on Change That Most Americans Want Won't Be Easy American Culture & Faith Institute Release: May 3, 2017 George Barna May 3, 2017 | TruthPR | -- Surveys have shown that Americans are unhappy with the present state of our society and want to see changes made. Millions of Americans indicate that they are [...]

We’re Rolling Out The Green Carpet!

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We’re Rolling Out The Green Carpet! Landscaping Camp: May 26-28th, 2017 in Oxford MS   OXFORD, MS | | -- Take a personal tour with Jeff McManus, whose expertise in landscaping has gained The University of Mississippi accolades of being named “The Most Beautiful Campus” by a number of national publications as well in Newsweek 2011 and [...]

Evangelist Alveda King: 100 Days of Trump – 100 Days of Prayer

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Many people who voted for President Trump agree that he is delivering on his promises.   When I voted for President Trump, I lifted up a prayer asking God to guide our President and to heal our nation. I have not regretted my vote or our prayers for his success throughout his 100 days. Throughout his First 100 Days President Trump [...]

Jonah movie: Whom would you like God to punish?

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Copyright © 2017 Rusty Wright 617 words Jonah movie: Whom would you like God to punish?   So, if there is a God, and he punishes evildoers, whom would you especially like him to judge?  And if he gave that person(s) a second chance – to follow him – would you be pleased or disappointed? [...]