Evangelist Alveda King: 50 Years After, MLK’s Dream Still Lives On

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On April 4, 2018 the world will remember the life and legacy of my Uncle Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose life on earth was cut short by an assassin’s bullet 50 years ago. Please pray for the immediate family of MLK/CSK during this sensitive time. As a member of “The King Family Legacy” [...]

Middle East Forum: Why Is A Harvard University Student Group Honoring Islamist Extremist Nihad Awad?

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Why Is A Harvard University Student Group Honoring Islamist Extremist Nihad Awad? by Samantha Rose Mandeles The Daily Caller December 1, 2017 In a profile of legendary child psychologist, Harvard professor, and civil rights activist Robert Coles, journalist David Swift describes Coles as "one of our great moral visionaries." To honor Coles's legacy, Harvard [...]

BRAD MARTIN: Stop Anti-Israel Indoctrination in California School Districts

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The Los Angeles Unified School District, the largest public school system in California and the second largest school district in the United States, approved a workshop for K-12 teachers that is unequivocally anti-Israel. The program is produced by an anti-Israel organization called Fellowship of Reconciliation, which supports boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. The L.A.-based [...]

Liberty University: Center for Law & Government to celebrate Constitution Week Sept. 18-22

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Liberty University’s Center for Law & Government will host a full week of events to celebrate the U.S. Constitution, coinciding with national Constitution Week. The week’s events are free and open to the public and intended to increase understanding of the U.S. Constitution. A replica of the constitution will be on display in the Jerry [...]

Museum of the Bible: The Most Technologically Advanced Museum Ever?

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Ask people on the street to describe their last visit to a museum, and you’ll likely get a slew of less-than-enthusiastic responses: old, stale and even boring. The Museum of the Bible, which opens in November, hopes to change that perception by becoming — in the words of representatives — the most technologically advanced museum [...]

Renewing the Culture of America’s Inner Cities

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I came from a broken family, spent the first ten years of my life in foster care, and lived in the poorest and roughest area of a working class town in Pennsylvania. STAND is a non-profit organization that reaches across racial and cultural lines to bring people together around the foundational principles that made [...]

Evangelist Alveda King: The pen is a key

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From the historic White House Rose Garden, President Trump said: "Freedom is a gift from God" in observance of the 2017 National Day of Prayer; he was joined by Leaders of Faith to sign Executive Order Protecting Religious Liberty. “When President Trump released the historic pen used to sign the historic Freedom of Religion Act in [...]

Liberals and Conservatives Find Grounds for Agreement

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Release: April 26, 2017 George Barna The standout recollection from the 2016 election season may well be the rancor displayed between people who stood on opposing ends of the political continuum. It was abundantly and consistently obvious that America's conservatives and liberals rarely agreed with each other. However, a new nationwide survey by the American [...]

What Winners Do

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Author Jeff McManus' Blog Who is going to make you more successful in life? A few weeks ago while running in the woods I did a short video to encourage you as I learned from one of the greats John Maxwell.   Feel free to share this video with a friend.  Enjoy. To Schedule Author Jeff [...]

Bishop E.W. Jackson responds to: Pennsylvania college group wants pins to start conversation on ‘white privilege’

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Bishop E.W. Jackson responds to: Pennsylvania college group wants pins to start conversation on 'white privilege' Full article: Bishop E.W. Jackson: "These misguided dupes, Stalin called them "useful idiots," are only creating racial division and resentment. You live in the greatest nation in history with more opportunity than any people have ever known. Stop whining [...]