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US, Israeli Lawmakers Issue Joint Declaration ahead of Trump Mideast Initiative – Middle East Forum

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News from the Middle East Forum November 16, 2017 Washington, DC – November 16, 2017 | TruthPR.com |– An unprecedented joint declaration by members of Congress and Israel's Knesset has laid the core principles of a bold new approach to ending the Israel-Palestinian conflict ahead of an expected new push for Middle East peace by President [...]

Members of Congress, Knesset to Declare Support for Israeli Victory at Historic Meeting

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PHILADELPHIA – November 13, 2017 | TruthPR.com |– Members of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus (KIVC) have arrived in the U.S. to meet with their counterparts in the Congressional Israel Victory Caucus (CIVC) and sign an unprecedented joint declaration of support for and cooperation towards an Israel victory. Israeli MKs Oded Forer (left) and [...]

al-Tamimi: Iraqi Kurdistan’s Crisis: A Failure of Strategy

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by Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi Middle East Forum (MEForum) Research & Writing The American Spectator October 22, 2017 As the war against the Islamic State as an entity controlling territory comes to a close in Iraq, control over territories disputed between the Iraqi central government and the Iraqi Kurdistan regional government (KRG) has come to the [...]

Gregg Roman says “Pay attention to this name: Munir Shaito, New Commander of Hezbollah Forces in the Golan Heights”

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Middle East Expert Gregg Roman says "Pay attention to this name: Munir Shaito, new commander of Hezbollah forces in the Golan Heights."Request Interviews here Report: Hezbollah to leave Syria to prepare for conflict with Israel Shiite terrorist group has been fighting alongside Syrian forces against rebels seeking to unseat Assad, but Hezbollah has become concerned [...]

News Alert: Assyrian Christians Wounded in Teleskof Market; Another Exodus has begun.

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Available for Interview: LTC Sargis Sangari Assyrian Civilian Christians have been wounded in the fighting between Sunni Muslim Kurds and Shia militias/Iraqi Army forces in the village of Teleskof in the Assyria Nineveh Plain.Request Interviews Here The Assyrian Christians who had started to return to Teleskof after the Mosul fight were greeted by mortar [...]

Barzani’s Doubtful Future by LTC Sargis Sangari

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Excerpt: “The KRG parliament will convene tomorrow 24 OCT 2017 to approve a PDK-backed proposal for delaying parliamentary elections for six months. KRG President Masoud Barzani, who heads the PDK Party, may attend the meeting. His opponents in the PUK Party are pushing for a two-year delay. The PUK, which Barzani and his followers are [...]

The Fall of Kirkuk: Made in Iran

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by Jonathan Spyer The American Interest October 18, 2017 Iraqi forces took Kirkuk city from the Kurds this week with hardly a shot fired. Twenty-two Kurdish fighters were killed in the sporadic and disorganized resistance, while seven Iraqi soldiers also lost their lives. It is a remarkable setback for the Kurds, who just a few [...]

The Kurdish House of Cards is Falling by LTC Sargis Sangari

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Available for Interviews: LTC Sargis Sangari The KRG parliament was scheduled to convene today but multiple problems within its procedural structures forced a change in plans. Kurdish MPs and leaders are now so divided that they want to delay the KRG elections in order to re-establish themselves as a viable entity within the Iraqi governmental [...]

The policies of the liberal-progressives have given us a North Korea with an advanced nuclear bomb capacity

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"The best indication of future performance is past performance. The policies of the liberal-progressives have given us a North Korea with an advanced nuclear bomb capacity and the means to threaten our Allies.  President Trump will not let this stand and will make the world safer."

The Turkish Love-Hate Relationship with America

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by Burak Bekdil BESA Center Perspectives October 10, 2017 President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's conspiracy theories have found a receptive audience in Turkey. Turks often expose degrees of confusion when asked about their foreign policy preferences. A public opinion poll in the mid-2000s found that most Turks viewed the US as a threat to [...]