Drake Kennedy’s New Release, ‘Only You,’ Cuts Through the Noise to Prevent People From Living An Unrealized Life

Drake Kennedy’s New Release, ‘Only You,’ Cuts Through the Noise to Prevent People From Living An Unrealized Life

Drake Kennedy’s New Release, ‘Only You,’ Cuts Through the Noise to Prevent People From Living An Unrealized Life

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ATLANTA, Georgia, June 30, 2015 |Christian News Service| — Christian recording artist Drake Drake KennedyKennedy appreciates that the world is filled with different voices, like a constant electric din, all pushing you to be someone you are not and will never be. He isn’t afraid to approach the noise head-on and explain that people need to “stop” and remember they deserve better than the sinking weight of someone else’s hopes and dreams.

“The Information Age is fantastic because it connects millions of exceptional souls in ways we never imagined. It’s also a place where too many voices try to push you toward their idea of perfection,” Drake says when asked about the song. “There’s only one voice you need to listen for in the middle of all that.”

Kennedy’s new single, “Only You,” (https://youtu.be/fITTLPUiW3s) addresses this issue with a powerful message of hope. Encouraging people to listen to God above in His plan for their lives is a message he hopes will touch audiences. “It’s easy to lock away your hopes and dreams and listen to what the world demands. But God’s plan – that’s the only voice that’s going to allow you to be who you were created to be. It can take a lifetime to really understand His word, but practice will bring us into a world where we can find peace and hope in our God-given identity.”

Having recently opened for both Jamie Grace and JJ Weeks, Kennedy is looking forward to planning a tour of his own. The buzz around “Only You” following the surprising success of “Right By Me,” is making it look like that tour might be coming sooner rather than later. “Only You,” has already received #1 in streams and #3 in downloads on Play MPE the first week it was pre-released to radio.

While tour plans continue to take shape, Drake Kennedy is looking forward to the opportunity to bring his faith and music to different corners of the U.S. over summer and fall 2015. For info on booking a local appearance by Kennedy, you can reach out to Lori Kennedy by calling 678-725-6362.

At the age of 22, Drake Kennedy has already traveled the world sharing his music and faith. His talents have also given him the opportunity to connect with a variety of national and international organizations like Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), No Longer Bound, and Bill Glass Prison Ministries. . His releases “RIGHT BY ME” and “BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE OUT” have hit radio stations to great acclaim all across the globe.  Drake had the honor to play at Atlanta Winter Jam’s Jam Zone in 2014, he recently opened for JJ Weeks and Jamie Grace and he will be playing the Creation Ichthus Festival in July 2015. He was a featured indie artist on New Release Today in April 2015. Drake is a certified SERV International supporting artist feeding one per person per download of his song “HOPE IS ALIVE”!   (http://www.servone.org/)

For more information on Drake Kennedy, visit the official website at www.drakekennedy.com or his social media sites at Twitter (www.twitter.com/drake_kennedy) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/drakekennedymusic).

For booking and management inquiries, contact Lori Kennedy (Lori@lorikennedy.com) at 678-725-6362.

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