Could a graphic novel be the key to engaging young adults with God’s Word?

Could a graphic novel be the key to engaging young adults with God’s Word?

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Could a graphic novel be the key
to engaging young adults with God’s Word?

September 14, 2015 |Christian News Service| — A fresh new way to present the Bible is in development with the potential to impact millions of adults and young people inside and outside of the Church with God’s word.

The Word for Word Bible Comic is a historically accurate, unabridged and untamed graphic novel of the Bible and is now looking for your support with Kickstarter crowdfunding.  

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With so many teenagers and students leaving the church today, this work aims to bridge the gulf between kids’ Bible stories and the actual text of the Bible. The illustration and graphic novel format make the text exciting and easy to read, without dumbing down or abridging it for children.  

This work is visually stimulating without sacrificing the authority and inerrancy of the Biblical text. It has the potential to reach a generation of unbelievers that many of today’s pastors struggle to engage.

This project makes these epic, timeless stories accessible for men and women from ages fifteen upwards, some of whom may never chose to pick up a Bible.   

In addition, it will be in-depth enough to act like an illustrated Study Bible for mature Christians helping readers visualize the setting with accurate depictions of the material culture, landscapes and technologies of the period.

One might argue that the Word for Word Bible Comic is actually a more authentic presentation of the Bible than our bare printed texts, which invite us to fill a visual vacuum by supplying pictures in our own imagination of people and events.
– Rev.Dr Christopher. R. Smith: Author of “Understanding the Books of the Bible” Study Guides from IVP

Utilizing the gutter spaces between the panels to hold words that are not needed for comic (like “he said”), the work allows the same pace and excitement as a normal comic but gives the confidence that it is not an edited presentation. Also, as the images are in-line with the unabridged scripture the graphic novels can easily be produced in any of the 531 languages that the Bible is currently available in without needing to redraw or rearrange them, so it could have a global impact.

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It has gained some significant endorsements in the past year like the one below,

The Word for Word Bible Comic is immediately arresting and I cannot help being impressed by the thoroughgoing commitment to research and the Biblical text in order to make it as accurate as possible.
– Terry Virgo: Founder of Newfrontiers, (a family of Word and Spirit churches with churches in over 70 nations).

The UK based creator of the project, Simon Amadeus Pillario, has a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign running to create the second book of the series (dykd1hua). Visit the page and financially back the project to become a part of this initiative and gain unique rewards: from a limited edition pre-release of the first book (Judges), rights to use the visual art for sermon illustrations, or even having one of the characters drawn in your likeness in the Bible Comic.    

Check out the video and campaign page here (ends September 27, 2015 21:00 GMT)

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