ICEJ Condemns Murder of Jewish Worshippers

ICEJ Condemns Murder of Jewish Worshippers

ICEJ Condemns Murder of Jewish Worshippers 

Four rabbis killed and thirteen injured by Arab terrorists


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Worcester, PA, Nov. 18, 2014 |Christian News Service| — The US Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) condemns in strongest terms the barbaric slaughter of innocent Jewish worshippers today in a Jerusalem synagogue. Wielding guns and meat cleavers, two Israeli Arab citizens murdered four rabbis and injured thirteen others who were peacefully engaged in their morning prayers.

Sadly, there have been numerous attacks of this nature recently, some using vehicles, in which Arabs have intentionally targeted innocent Israeli civilians, in one case even killing a three-month-old baby. Since October 23rd, 2014, eight Israelis have been murdered and another thirty-six injured in the ongoing attacks.

The Palestinian Arab leadership should be held responsible for their incitement of such violence through their calls for “days of rage” against Israelis, their glorification of murderers as heroic martyrs and their fabricated accusations of Jewish desecration of the Temple Mount. It’s time the world stops turning a blind eye to this alarming trend and its dangerous consequences.

“Our hearts go out to the victims’ families and we pray they will know the comfort of the Almighty during this difficult time,” says Susan Michael, US Director. “Our sincere condolences for their losses hardly seem sufficient, yet we are compelled to let them know how much we care for them and that we stand with them in full solidarity at this time.”

The ICEJ also calls upon Congress to cut all funding to entities that condone these killings or honor those who carry them out. American taxpayer money should not be used to prop up regimes and organizations which in any way support the cold-blooded murder of Jews.

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and call upon all American Christians to join us in not only beseeching Heaven for intervention but to stand up for Israel now more than ever in her hour of distress.

Source: International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

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