Mathematician Claims “Pride” Blocks Spread of the Gospel in Russia

Mathematician Claims “Pride” Blocks Spread of the Gospel in Russia


Victor PortonASHKELON, Israel, April 18, 2016 | | –Once called the “Evil Empire,” the former Soviet Union has a long history of being a godless nation.

From 1917 to 1937 some 200,000 clergy and Christian believers were slaughtered under Communist rule. Thousands of churches were eradicated from the nation’s culture.

While some contend Russia is now more Christian than the United States, one author claims Russia’s Stalinist remnants blocks advancement of the Gospel.

“Most Russian people don’t accept the truth of the Gospel, their minds are blocked from freedom,” said Victor Porton. “Integration with the West is hindered.”

Born in Perm, Russia, Porton now resides in Israel researching, writing and blogging about mathematical research, IT, and Christian theology.

Author of New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician and End of Gospel, Porton became a Christian in 1995.

“I seek to help evangelists and Christians to better understand how to unlock Russia from its closed ways,” Porton added.

Porton maintains Russia is closed to the Christian message because of pride.

“Russia’s cult-like ways proudly celebrate victory over fascist Germany in 1945,” said Porton. “It is good that the fascists were defeated, but Russians converted this passion to a cultish mentality.”

Russians feel “we have already achieved success” (considering that victory) and for this reason the desire of Russians to reach success is hindered (“we already reached a success”).

On his End of Gospel blog and in his books, Porton tackles many of these tough questions about Christianity as well as so-called ‘contradictions’ found in the Bible.

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About Victor Porton
Throughout much of his life Victor has had a fascination in mathematics. He has converted many of those interests and applied the concepts into theological writings. In 2007 Porton moved from Perm, Russia to Israel where he now pursues his various writing projects.

After Victor Porton became a born again Christian in 1995, he became zealous for God’s Word. During his journey of faith Victor claims he confronted contradictions of the faith that he ultimately answered.

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