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BLUE LIVES MATTER: FBI Going After UC Berkeley Rioters

FBI Pursuing UC Berkeley Rioters

UC Berkeley riot videosUC Berkeley rioters to be identified and hunted down with help of FBI.

BERKELEY, CA, February 9, 2017 | | – The FBI is now working to identify the people involved in the rioting at UC Berkeley on February 1st, so that they can be prosecuted for their crimes.

According to Fox News, a peaceful crowd of non-masked protesters carrying signs had been protesting outside the campus student union building for most of the day.  Shortly before self-admitted internet troll and an editor for Breitbart News, Milo Yiannopoulous, was scheduled to speak at an event, a second group showed up and began throwing smoke bombs and flares at the building.

Yiannopoulous later said in an interview that “Violent left-wing protesters stormed the building and forced me to be evacuated by police and by my security detail.” Read More here



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