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Blue Lives Matter writes the Bellevue Washington Board of Education

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January 25, 2017

Bellevue School Board
P.O. Box 90010
Bellevue, WA 98009

Attention Bellevue Washington – School Board of Education

This message is to the Board of Education in Bellevue Washington concerning the Bellevue WA School District teacher’s decision to wear Black Lives Matter T shirts in their classrooms on January 31 to show their support to that racist movement.  My name is Lieutenant Randy Sutton (Ret) a 34 year police veteran and the National Spokesman for BLUELIVESMATTER, the largest grass roots police support group in the nation with 1.3 million followers on Facebook alone. 

Your decision to utilize your positions of authority and influence within the area of the classroom to show support for a racist, hate based organization like Black Lives Matter who routinely calls for and celebrates the death and injury and attacks on American Law Enforcement Officers is nothing short of an abuse of your power and position.  The children in your charge are highly susceptible to suggestion and influence and are in school to be educated not only in the basic knowledge that will carry them through their school years but to become honest, caring and free thinking members of something far larger than themselves...American society.

While we should always strive to improve that society, America is built upon the rights to live free to think as you wish, express yourself as you feel, live without fear of persecution for your religious and political beliefs, and many of the other qualities that we as a nation have come to embrace as unalienable "rights".  With that comes the responsibility of conforming to the laws and regulations set down by society that try insure that ALL people’s rights and freedoms are protected.  

Now let me ask you, who are the Guardians of that Society and charged with protecting ALL of the men, women and children who make up it's people.  Yes, the American Law Enforcement Officer.  

  • The same men and women who last year, every 58 hours gave their lives in service to their communities.  
  • The same men and women of whom approximately 50,000 were assaulted with guns, knives, bricks, bottles, firebombs, fists and any number of other assorted weapons.  
  • The same men and women who bore witness to countless acts of cruelty, violence, death, grieving, personal loss and other assorted horrors too graphic to mention.
  • The same men and women who Black Lives Matter  have called for their deaths which as evidenced by the carnage and multiple deaths that took place in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other towns and cities across this nation has come to pass.

Law Enforcement families have been left fatherless and motherless, parents have lost their children and countless loved ones have been left only to grieve. Why? Because they chose to serve and protect not only their communities but the very same people who have called for the violence against them.  

I have buried my friends.  I have held their loved ones in my arms and felt their hot tears fall and mingle with my own upon my chest.  I have watched parents wither away and die from their heartbreak.  I have heard the thunder of the 21 gun Salute and the mournful sound of Taps as another uniform clad body is laid to rest more times than I can bear to remember and to think that you will honor the organization that calls for more deaths and celebrates them is not only disgusting and repulsive but reveals how you mock the values of human kindness, compassion and honor.  

To think that you are influencing the minds and hearts of those who are most impressionable, the children in your charge is not only disappointing, it is absolutely frightening.  Children who should be led to embrace empathy, understanding and tolerance are instead going to be subjected to your politicizing and pandering to a group that espouses nothing but hate and intolerance to the American Law Enforcement Officer.  I personally cannot believe that every educator in the school system of Bellevue Washington believes that this is the right path.  But I wonder if those that do not, will have the courage to stand up and call for this mockery to end.  But the ultimate irony here is this.  BLUELIVESMATTER  always has and always will believe this....ALL LOVES MATTER and more will die proving it.  


Lt. Randy Sutton


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