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Topical Focus: Entertainment, Advocacy, Christian Speaker

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Last name: Campbell

The Campbells with instrumentsTakin' it to the Streets! USA

Living out of a van most of the year, Howie and Debbie play in coffeehouses, parks, city markets, county fairs, home concerts, open mics and any place to pull out the instruments and share music.

Singer-songwriter Howie draws on his 40+ years of musical expertise with guitar and performance to attract an audience. His guitar rhythms are fueled by a passion for music coupled with a passion for Jesus, as he attracts the ear of both young and old. Debbie, a fashion designer & former model, embellishes Howie's guitar playing with a variety of percussion and backing vocals. Her winsome personality and transparent faith often attracts the curious and provides the opportunity for further dialog.

Together, this couple seeks opportunities to minister and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to any community.

Topical Focus: Science and Nature, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary

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Last name: Rose

Mark RoseAuthor Mark Rose of the book "NOAH CODE" produced a well footnoted general treatment of the Biblical text, the Flood catastrophe and its effects on the geology of earth. This work summarizes the geological findings since BC to date. Includes definitions from the original Hebrew Scriptures regarding key elements lost to many modern biblicist's.

Noah code contains shocking evidence documenting dozens of sites around the world containing human remains and artifacts apparently buried in the Flood, overlooked by the literature and hidden from the public for decades. An outstanding reference guide and narrative.

The Noah Code:

PURCHASE THIS BOOK HERE!!! Now and additional 25% off! - just $13.20 a copy plus shipping! 
Note - a 
new report finds that all the water necessary for a global flood exists in the deep crust. Also a report on the rapid decay of Earths and Solar System magnetic fields support a young earth. This all new edition includes maps, drawings and never before documented material.  See below -

The NOAH CODE is also available now on Kindle the first major update on the Flood of Noah in 60 years!



Want to learn what Flying the wilds of the Alaskan Arctic was like,  this is your book!  True life recollections of a real Bush Pilot, hunter and trapper who lived this life for decades in the Great Land.  Stories of flying airplanes and long-range helicopter's to every corner of the State, ending an encounter with the Creator that changed the pilots life forever.  First in a series, Illustrated

Mark Rose' story:

"As a teen and stepson of a biologist in Alaska, I found myself immersed in the world of evolutionary thinking of the day.  Magazines like Nature, Scientific American and National Geographic sat around our living room table.  Geo's new television series had just come out, touting evolution with every episode.  Dean Kenyon's latest work; "Biochemical Predestination", was the rage of the day, proving the self-assembly of chemicals into amino acids. (Well, almost proving it; Kenyon seems to be venturing more into our camp).  Nuclear physicists had unlocked isotope clocks within the rocks, proving with atomic accuracy the Bible's inaccuracies. Usher being replaced with terms like "potassium/argon,"  "lead/lead" and such, all very scholarly, so who could argue with nuclear science? We had won a war with that stuff.  Even a watchmaker introduced the "Accutron", an electric watch as accurate as nuclear dating, or so claimed the TV adds.  Men were walking on the moon with this new science for heaven's sake, and with such an onslaught of "evidence", who could prove them wrong?   The "Jesus freaks" were just that, marked as fools while the "scientific" marched onward, holding Darwin out as their new God. The Bible is a myth they assured us, fitting for grey-haired grandmothers, used as quaint musty bookends. 

As all this was going on, paleontologists in Africa were unearthing parts of ape-men monthly it seemed. It was obvious that any day they would find "the missing link," and the anticipation of this certain event eventually substituted for facts.  Simply repeat the story enough and it becomes truth, and according to Miller with enough time even dead chemicals will spring to life. The textbooks were full of his laboratory tests and models, no other explanation offered or needed.  

As the entire weight of media, magazine and textbooks came to bear on the subject, how could a thinking person not get this picture?  It was obvious to our youthful minds that the churches had perpetrated a fraud, the "Opiate of the Masses" we were told, so how could one realistically consider such fairy tales of a God?  It seemed amazing to us, the Enlightened, that humanity had been baffooned so long. Television and movies chimed in with a flood of humanistic leading performances, mocking those of faith as backward know-nothings and making heroes of the godless, who always seemed to save the day, flaunting success and free sex, having a solution for everything.  As holders of these wise new truths we could create a great society, they told us, no longer constrained by the moral boundaries based on the existence of some imaginary God, this all to the horror of grandma who knew better all along.  

Opposition from credible sources were quickly silenced; simply replay the same lies over and over, do not bother with retractions, missing evidence was easily created with the brush of an illustrator and a few words. If an ape-man was needed, a few strokes of a creative artist with some scientific input and there he was.

As these concepts matured into our worldview, we swallowed the pill of evolutionary thought and were poisoned.  Many made serious life decisions based upon this ideology, any interest in the things of God evaporating.  I saw those of faith ridiculed and mocked in my circle, having little in hand to stop the onslaught among my peers.  The effects of all this influence goes on today, that generation now the educators, writers, media executives, judges, lawmakers and even Presidents of our time, the end result an utter dismantling of our society and the family unit, evolutionary thought now infiltrating into every level of science, education, law and philosophy.  We need to understand this nation is literally going to hell while on earth today.  Our jails are over full, divorce is rampant, drug use uncontrollable and as of this writing, 40% of new births in the US are from unwed mothers.  Ask any prison warden, 80% of the male inmates come from single parent homes, when you run those numbers we may as well build prison states, as 1000 acre compounds won't hold them all.  Clearly, the effects of our free lifestyle are now irreversible, the only answer left a wholesale return to God.

Back then I took the view we only live once and are nothing but "star stuff" Sagan told us, the life span of a solar system nothing more than a tick of the universal clock he says.  Our values were relative, and everyone knew overpopulation our biggest threat next to war, spare infants, spare cats; what was the difference, make space!  (I square off with this myth in the Human Origins post).  I faced life then with simple absolutes; It was me against the elements of Alaska, human effort vs the laws of physics and nature, all else is left to chance and fate, there is no God, time is endless and people insignificant.  We are left to this life and that’s it, survive with your brains and brawn then act a wise intellect in public.  What a hopeless delusion.  I became an egotistical, cold, self-centered person, thinking I was wise but terribly unfulfilled in many ways.  I knew secretly there was a big hole in my life, but what was wrong?  I couldn't find the answer.

All that changed one night on a flight gone wrong; at the crucial point I received help from neither chance nor my  every effort, but from an unknownelement; speaking to me and adding an hour of fuel to my tanks my last leg over water.  Safe on the ground I thought, "so gramma was right all along, there is something out there!"  After other near misses, (like a heli crash where my seat was crushed flat), I made the decision and turned my life over to God, a decision I've never regretted since.  After this incident my emptiness began to be filled and other conflicts in life began to make sense. There issomething bigger out there I now understood, despite losing so many friends in this country along the way, that chilled me to the idea of a loving God beforehand.  Angry about how I had been brainwashed by the system, I joined the effort to expose the lies and tell the other side of the story, so here you have this work.  

The topics addressed here summarize the major issues concerning the Bible, faith and evolution of our day.  It comes to you doing my humanly best to share these pertinent truth's with you and I will tell you Iv'e faced many skeptics on this journey and have never been disappointed.  The Bible is true, and you can depend upon it fully, no exceptions.

Some of the information is breaking news, like the MO-1 bacteria, recently discovered by a team at Osaka University to have a micro 24 gear planetary gearbox, synchronously driven by seven proton-powered motors complete with clutches, modulators and anti-skid sensors all in a single cell.  (As a professional helicopter pilot/technician who worked with planetary gear systems, the evolution of such technology is laughable).  Second, the recent un-finding of Dark Matter, touted for over 20 years as the undetected and unseen glue holding the Galaxies together, is now debunked.  You will find these and many other exciting revelations supporting a Biblical Worldview and Intelligent Design in these posts, including worldwide flood evidence from the Grand Canyon and more, completely refuting evolutionary theory at every point.  As appropriate, I included many references and links to help in your self-study this vital subject, so you can share with others.  If there is no reference too bad, it comes from one who's word is good and has seen what the other side has and found they have nothing.   

Much of this knowledge is little of my own.  I owe acknowledgements found in the footnotes, video links, lectures and those I worked with in the field over many years.  My personal observations, education in geology, (telling enough, two of my PhD professors converted to a catastrophic view of earth history while in school), and 30+ years experience working in mining around the globe.  Don't forget to enter your contact information, I will be giving away two new books about these topics, Genesis Alivethe book, and Last of the Long Hunters, this volume including true stories about my life and flying in the Arctic.

May God bless you in your quest for truth, may you have a renewed faith in the Creator and His written Word through these pages, 

Mark Rose

Topical Focus: Government and Politics, Education, News and Media, Notable Nonprofits, Advocacy, Conservative Commentary, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Middle East, National Security, Terrorism

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Last name: Mauro

Homeland Security Specialization 

"{One of} the best and brightest national security experts," Sean Hannity on "Hannity," FOX News Channel

Ryan MauroProfessor Ryan Mauro is the National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the threat of Islamic extremism and provides a platform for voices of moderation and tolerance within the Muslim community.

Mauro also consults for various government agencies, political campaigns and policy-makers. He is a professor of homeland security, counter-terrorism and political science.

Mauro has made over 1,000 appearances on international radio and TV programs from both the left of the right, including frequent segments on FOX News Channel, Al-Hurra, CCTV, Voice of America, Wall Street Journal Live, etc. He's been widely published and quoted in outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, The Hill, Roll Call and the Daily Caller.

Previous to joining the Clarion Project, Mauro served as a strategic analyst for the Wikistrat consultancy and an intelligence analyst and director at the Asymmetric Warfare and Intelligence Center. Mauro has a Bachelor's Degree in Intelligence Studies, Master's in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies, all from American Military University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security specialization. In 2012, his work caught the attention of the Muslim Brotherhood, which lashed out at him as "delusional" on its official English-language Twitter account.

Topical Focus: Lifestyle, Education, News and Media, Notable Nonprofits, Pro-Life, Advocacy, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary, Disaster Relief, International Issues

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Last name: Graham - Rapid Response Team

Sharing Hope in Crisis

From the ashes of 9/11, the Rapid Response Team ministry was developed to share Christ in the midst of crisis and disasters. BGEA currently has chaplains in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. These volunteer chaplains are carefully selected and trained to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ and appropriately share God’s hope through the One who “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team was developed following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. It has grown into a nationwide network of chaplains in 48 states who are trained to deal with crisis situations. They have deployed to more than 215 disaster sites, including shootings, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes.

Topical Focus: Government and Politics, Advocacy, International Issues, Middle East, Terrorism

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Last name: Breedon

Jennifer R. Breedon is a legal analyst & attorney with specializations in International Criminal Law and First Amendment Laws, as well as human rights issues in South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.  Jennifer provides legal analysis for topics involving international criminal law, human rights, and religious extremism from a registered Independent standpoint.

Prior to joining Clarion Project, Jennifer worked for a Washington, DC-based nonprofit as the Regional Manager for the Middle East in protecting and communicating with persecuted minorities throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  

While based in DC, Jennifer traveled extensively to the Middle East on humanitarian missions.  In Egypt, Jennifer set up a sewing factory for the family members of 21 Christians beheaded in 2015 by Islamic State militants in Libya, ensuring the factory had proper equipment and adhered to Egyptian law.  Jennifer also worked intensively with the Assyrian Church of the East and the Bishop negotiating the terms to aid in the final hostage release of those held by the Islamic State.  She played an essential role in helping aid the negotiations that led to the release of 42 Christian hostages in February 2016.

Jennifer worked for the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law as well as the American Center for Law & Justice while obtaining her law degree.  At the Center for Global Justice, Jennifer performed legal work for organizations involved in combating human sex trafficking and was selected to speak at the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Annual Convention in 2014.

While still in law school, Jennifer wrote the first legal journal article discussing the justification to label groups like the Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS) as "genocidal" in nature and calling on the redefining of the term "terrorism" to promote international courts with the legal justification to prosecute such groups and defeat the ideological war of radical Islamist organizations.  Today, the organizations that met with Jennifer as a fresh law graduate are now using her legal arguments to raise awareness that modern Islamist extremism is genocidal at its very core. 

Before many mainstream organizations picked up on this news, Jennifer was the firs person to write an international legal article arguing that extremism by organizations like ISIS should be categorized as genocidal campaigns rather than merely attaching the fluid "terrorism" title. She has championed the genocidal designation of the Islamic State (ISIL) from day 1 and continues to fight using international legal principles in order to defeat this murderous ideology.   Jennifer's published legal journal articles have appeared in the Brazilian Journal of International Law and the Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy.  

Jennifer received a certification in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University and is well versed in both Shi'a and Sunni principles and ideologies as well as the fundamentalist and extremist versions of Islam that seek to infringe on inherent freedoms in democratic societies.  She received her BA in Political Science from Georgia State University and her JD from Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach where she studied National Security and Constitutional Law from America's most prestigious legal minds, including U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Criminal Defense Attorney James Duane, author of "You Have the Right to Remain Innocent."

Topical Focus: Legal

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Last name: Benowitz

David Benowitz Attorney at Law 

David Benowitz is an experienced attorney who is committed to providing the highest level criminal defense in Washington, DC. He has a successful track record of fighting for his clients in numerous practice areas. Mr. Benowitz is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell, has earned a perfect 10 rating by AVVO, and is also a member of the National College of DUI Defense. He is also the only Washington, DC-based criminal defense attorney who has been board-certified as a criminal advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Mr. Benowitz is also a faculty member at Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop.

Common State and federal cases Mr. Benowitz handles include:

Read more about: David Benowitz

 About Price Benowitz

Price Benowitz has put together a roster of attorneys with tremendous experience in a number of different areas. No matter what type of legal representation our clients need and no matter where they are located in Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia, we have attorneys ready to provide legal counsel at a high level.Our criminal defense attorneys stay current with the ever-changing laws in their specific practice areas so that they can provide their clients with the most informed and effective strategies possible. We will investigate every aspect of your charge, including the unique facts that surround your case, in an effort to uncover the best options we can while organizing your defense.




Topical Focus: Lifestyle, Government and Politics, Education, News and Media, Advocacy, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary

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Last name: Action League


Rev. Mark Creech of Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.

Topical Focus:

Former Pastor, Powerful Pulpiteer, Christian speaker, Conservative Commentary, U.S. Policy, N.C. Politics, Public Policy

Dr. Mark Creech currently serves as Executive Director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, a Christian ethics organization that has been addressing public policy in the state for decades. Dr. Creech has served in this position for 17 years. Before this, he served as a pastor for twenty years, ministering to 5 churches based in North Carolina and one church in upstate New York.

As a registered lobbyist for the Christian Action League of North Carolina, Dr. Creech’s fingerprints are on many pieces of legislation that address marriage and the family, life, and religious liberty. Although he is well-known for stopping many legislative initiatives related to vices such as gambling and drugs, he is also considered an expert on alcohol policy for the state of North Carolina. (He served as president of the national organization, the American Council on Alcohol Problems from 2012-2014.)  Dr. Creech has a sterling reputation with lawmakers in the North Carolina General Assembly. Both sides of the aisle, Republicans, and Democrats believe him to be a genuine individual of courage, integrity, civility, grace and profound Christian conviction.

Since Dr. Creech has taken the reigns of the Christian Action League, its visibility and impact in North Carolina and the nation have never been greater – enough to garner the attention and respect of many great leaders in both the political and religious spectrums.

He has attained the accolades of high profile Christian leaders such as Don Wildemon, founder of the American Family Association, and Dr. Richard Land, former president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. The late Dr. D. James Kennedy before his death said of him, “I applaud Rev. Mark Creech for his courageous and influential work for America…Mark has refused to sit silently as America’s moral foundations are steadily chipped away. By consistently taking his leadership and involvement one step further. Mark is making a powerful difference for Christ in America.”

In addition to crisscrossing the state as a guest minister in hundreds of churches, he is also a columnist. Dr. Creech’s editorials appear on websites like the Christian Post,, Renew America.US and Moreover, several of his articles have appeared in the Raleigh News and Observer, the Charlotte Observer, as well as other state newspapers. The news media regularly seeks his assessment on various social issues.

Dr. Creech is married to the former Kim Doumar of Norfolk, Virginia. Their more than 37 years of marriage has produced two grown children, Matthew and Meredith. Between their two children, they have eight grandchildren with one on the way.

Topical Focus: Advocacy, Israel, Terrorism

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Last name: Feldstein

Advocate for Israel

Jonathan Feldstein was born and educated in the U.S. and immigrated to Israel in 2004. He is married and the father of six. He has a three decade career in nonprofit fundraising and marketing and throughout his life and career, he has become a respected bridge between Jews and Christians. He writes regularly on major Christian web sites about Israel and shares experiences of living as an Orthodox Jew in Israel. 

Topical Focus: Business, Education, Notable Nonprofits, Advocacy, Christian Speaker, Disaster Relief

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Last name: Reese

Dran Reese, President of The Salt & Light Council

Dran Reese founded The Salt & Light Council, which provides a strategic program for activating the Church to become a positive influence and witness for our Christian values in government, media and education. With churches activated in 23 states, SLC supplies a turn-key, sustainable ministry with legal support provided by Liberty Counsel and Mat Staver, who is also Chairman of the SLC Board.  Under Dran’s leadership, SLC developed, a marriage campaign that branded the white bow as the symbol of natural marriage – one man and one woman. In addition, SLC sponsors a national 6-day a week live prayer line called Repentance and Restoration ( hosting well-known leaders and pastors. Their latest prayer initiative is engaging the nation every Tuesday evening in live prayer for the 2016 election.

Dran Reese is the former president and founder of This is a great American success story that began with a woman who took an idea and turned it into a thriving business. As a product inventor, the company has grown to be nation’s largest supplier of emergency preparedness products and safety fasteners in the United States. 

Prior to that, Dran served 20 successful years as a fashion consultant in the fast-paced garment industry, and as Vice-President of Marketing for Home Theater Movies, one of the nation’s first major independent distributors and licensing agents of prerecorded videocassettes.

In January 2009, Dran Reese founded The Salt &Light Council (SLC) whose focus is on nationwide training that equips churches to start Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries.  SLC provides a strategic implementation program for activating the Church to become a positive influence and witness for our Christian values in government, media and education. With churches activated in 23 states, SLC supplies a turn-key, sustainable ministry with legal and on-going support.

Besides extensive travel and running the ministry, Dran hosts a daily, national prayer call, online biblical worldview class, and maintains several websites. 

Dran is married with three children and one grandchild. She enjoys water skiing, Bible study, and community leadership activities. She received a scholarship to USC for Business/Marketing, attended UCSD in Web Development, and finished the eight-year Bible Study Fellowship course. 

Dran's passion for marketing and business development continues today. It comes second only to her love for God and family, and her desire to leave a strengthened and renewed Christian America to the next generation. (Repentance and Restoration - National Prayer Line) or


Prayer, Repentance & Restoration
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Salt & Prepper – Emergency Preparedness
Food For the Proper Time
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Leap Yr is the Reap Yr  (Prayer)
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Opinions are like Onions
Exercising the Restraint Muscle
First Love
Credit Card for Christians
Born Under False Pretenses
Brace Yourself – Take it Like a Man
My Testimony


Topical Focus: Israel

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Last name: Michael

Focus: Israel serving as the ministry’s USA Director and is a member of the ICEJ’s international Board of Dire

Susan Michael, Director of the US International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

ICEJ Mission Statement:

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was established in 1980 in recognition of the biblical significance of all of Jerusalem and its unique connection with the Jewish people. Today, it represents millions of Christians, churches, and denominations to the nation and people of Israel. We recognize in the restoration of the State of Israel God's faithfulness to keep His ancient covenant with the Jewish people. 

ICEJ's main objectives are:

  • To stand with Israel in support and friendship;

  • To equip and teach the world wide Church regarding God's purposes with Israel and the nations of the Middle East;

  • To be an active voice of reconciliation between Jews, Christians, and Arabs, and to support the churches and congregations in the Holy Land.

From its head offices in Jerusalem, the ICEJ reaches out into more than 140 countries worldwide, with branch offices in over 80 nations.

Our Vision is:

  • To reach every segment of Israel’s society with a Christian testimony of comfort and love, and
  • To reach and actively represent to Israel the support of denominations, churches, and believers from every nation on earth.

About Susan Michael:
For more than thirty years, Susan Michael has pioneered the development of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in the United States and around the world.

Susan’s involvement with the ICEJ began as a graduate student at Jerusalem University College in 1980, the same year that the Christian Embassy was first established. Upon completing her Masters degree in Judeo-Christian Studies she returned from Israel with a heart to further the Embassy’s mission among fellow Americans. After a season assisting the ministry’s international leadership to host a series of high profile pro-Israel conferences across the USA, Susan was asked to head-up the ICEJ’s newly-founded US Branch.

A graduate in Theology from Oral Roberts University, Susan is often called upon to address complex and sensitive issues such as anti-Semitism, Islam, Jewish-Christian relations and current events in the Middle East to a diverse range of audiences. Her experience working with Arabs, Jews and Christians from many national and denominational backgrounds has equipped Susan to handle delicate topics central to an understanding of Israel with extraordinary clarity and grace. In recent years she has pioneered a number of educational tools to enable other Christians to do the same, including the website and a series of highly accessible educational seminars.

Susan and her husband have lived and worked for many years in Washington D.C. where she has developed a close working relationship with the Israeli Embassy and strong connections with the US Jewish community at large. They currently reside in South Florida.

Endorsement from Dr. Jack Hayford:

Susan Michael is one of the most authentic, informed and gracious communicators I have met. I urge pastors and community leaders to schedule Susan: we need voices like hers who can provide a balanced, informative and inspiring clarity regarding Israel’s “present moment.”

Articles written by Susan Michael:

It is now Sunday in the Middle East
What Jesus Understood about Hanukkah
Understanding the Chaotic Middle East
Learning to Decipher the Rhetoric - a glimpse into "Arab-speak"
American Support for Israel - A Complicated Matter?
What is the Truth about Israel?

Click here to read all Susan's articles on her Blog

Check out Susan's key note address from the 2010 of Tabernacles Celebration:

Our Feet are Standing in Your Gates, O Jerusalem

Other video teachings by Susan:
The Significance of Israel - A message delivered by Susan to the students and faculty of Regent University
The Campaign Against Israel - A mesage delivered by Susan to the staff of CBN

Topical Focus: Government and Politics, Notable Nonprofits, Advocacy, Legal, National Security, Terrorism

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Last name: Matter

Serving & Honoring American Law Enforcement

The name of Blue Lives Matteroriginated from the incident in Ferguson, Missouri; however, the initiative has been a long fought battle in the history of law enforcement. In today's evolving society, an increasing number of citizens fail to accept responsibility for their actions and attempt to escape the consequences through outward blame. Due to the nature of the profession, law enforcement personnel are seen as easy targets and are consequently bullied by slander, illegitimate complaints, frivolous law suits, and physical threats. The echo of these negative highlights by the media and political figures have only further damaged community relations, which has greatly increased the inherent threat of the profession. We desire to change these wrongs to law enforcement and once again shed positive light on America's heroes to help boost morale and gain society's much needed support.

The goal of Blue Lives Matter is to honor and recognize the actions of law enforcement to strengthen the public support of an understandably naive society.

The members of our Armed Forces (many include law enforcement) have fought the battles overseas to give Americans the opportunity to live freely at home; however, criminals continue to prey on these rights for personal gain. Americans deserve the right to live their lives with the full protection of the laws but must realize that certain sacrifices should not be taken in vain. Law enforcement officers are also deserving citizens of these rights with personal lives, dreams, and families. While these heroes and their families accept an elevated inherent risk for minimal pay, they should not be expected to make such a great sacrifice without due recognition and support. Through strengthened support, law enforcement personnel will be provided a much needed boost in morale and can return full productivity back to the streets resulting in a safer America.

Topical Focus: Notable Nonprofits, Advocacy, Israel

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Last name: Heagy

Susan Heagy visiting a Holocaust SurvivorWe aim to assist every Holocaust Survivor who needs our help. We need the donations of people like you. And, we need gifts, small or large, to pass out to our Holocaust Survivors. We need volunteers. The Survivors need you.Abundant Hope International is an organization with a passion to help Holocaust Survivors, especially in Israel. We are based in the USA but are international in scope. Through partners and volunteers from around the world, AHI is visiting Holocaust Survivors to alleviate loneliness, evaluating and meeting their needs, renovating their homes, and counting them as friends. We are currently involved with Holocaust Survivors in 25 cities in Israel. After reading about our history and growth, we hope you will want to join us in this worthwhile endeavor.

Those of you who have been involved with us for awhile may have noticed our new logo.

This is a logo with purpose, Jew and Gentile together.

Trees represent “L’Chaim!”  “Life!” to those of Jewish heritage.  The olive tree in particular is mentioned in the scriptures, and is so prized it is against the law to cut down an olive tree without permission from the Israeli government.

Water is life to Gentile Believers, in particular “living” or moving water.  Also in the Jewish faith “living” water is required for their mikva for cleansing.

Our Survivors, when we first meet them are like the brown leaves on the tree.  Old, seemingly shriveled and dry, nearing the end of their life.

But when you combine the Living Water from the Gentile beliefs with the Tree of Life from the Jewish religion, and view leaves as the Survivors who came out of the death camps to help build the State of Israel- the water feeding the tree brings life to the leaves, the Survivors.

The Holocaust Survivors we met a few years ago now show signs of new life, new growth.  We at Abundant Hope International want to continue to bring life and love to them, offering the chance of new hope.

Topical Focus: Women's Issues

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Last name: Nigro

Authentic and transparent in the way she shares biblical truth, Jeanne Nigro has been leading believers to experience greater intimacy with God for over twenty years. It was her own personal crisis of fear of the end times, however, that led her to an even deeper understanding of how to grow in that intimacy and be a light for Him, even in the turbulent days in which we live. Through that experience, she was compelled to write, “UNSHAKEN: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times (Destiny Image - October, 2016). With a passion to liberate others from fear, frustration and apathy, Jeanne reveals the secret to standing strong in a fulfilling partnership with God, regardless of how uncertain the times.

Prior to founding Jeanne Nigro Ministries, Jeanne worked in the corporate world for seventeen years as an organizational change consultant. With an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, she brings a unique blend of corporate and ministry experience into her teachings, as well as expert insight on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

Through her ministry, Jeanne uncovers great truths from God’s Word that are rarely integrated and taught for increasing intimacy with God. Specifically, in three areas: healing stronghold barriers to intimacy, the Jewish roots of our faith, and end times theology. She is uniquely gifted in taking these topics often seen as complex, obscure, and unrelated and making them relevant, applicable and significant to our daily lives for standing strong and unshaken. Ultimately, Jeanne’s passion is to prepare us for Jesus’ return.

Jeanne is a regular blog contributor to the Messianic Times, the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, Charisma News, and Christian Leadership Alliance and travels worldwide speaking at conferences, retreats, churches, congregations, and professional organizations. Jeanne is currently launching new television and radio broadcasts called Facets of the Stone, in which her unique and contemporary insights into the many facets of God’s heart awaken her audiences to a deeper understanding of who God is, how He sees them, what He wants to do in their lives, and how to have intimacy with Him — giving them strength for today in these uncertain times.

Jeanne, her husband Al, and daughter Charis reside in Plano, Texas.

Talking Points:

  • Empowering people to stand strong in these uncertain, turbulent times

  • Preparing believers spiritually for the end times, Jesus’ return, and the Millennium

  • Intimacy with God

  • Bringing Old Testament truths to life and relevance for today

  • Jewish roots of the faith

  • Healing Strongholds of the Heart

  • Freedom from fear, stress, frustration, apathy, and hopelessness of these times

  • Connecting believers to the many facets of God’s Heart 

Topical Focus: Government and Politics, Advocacy, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Military, National Security, Terrorism

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Last name: Sangari

Sangari, head of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement, speaks about the continued plight of Dwekh Nawsha* as ISIS has unleashed a savage and deadly wave of persecution against Christians and other religious minorities throughout Iraq and Syria.

Retired Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari, who was deployed to Iraq during his 20-year career in the U.S. Army, is one of the Americans advising the Assyrian Army, known as Dwekh Nawsha, which means “self-sacrifice” in the ancient Aramaic language used by Jesus and still spoken by the Assyrian Christians.

According to Sangari, the Assyrian military force, which is primarily based in Iraq’s Assyrian Nineveh plain, is closely aligned with the strategic goals and aspirations of the United States.

Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Sangari was born and raised in Rezaiyeh (Urmia), Iran. He immigrated to the United States in 1980 at age ten after the Iranian Revolution. 

LTC Sangari received a two-year Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship and began his Army service in 1994 after graduating from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, earning a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and receiving a commission in the Infantry. After completing the Infantry Officer Basic Course, he was assigned to 1st Battalion, 506 Infantry Regiment (Air Assault), Camp Greaves and Camp Giant Korea, where he served as a two-time Rifle Platoon Leader. 

LTC Sangari deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor as the principle staff advisor for Chief of Staff Military Operations for U.S. Forces and National Agencies force protection for Implementation Forces (IFOR) and Stabilization Forces (SFOR) and the theater safety officer for all of Theater SFOR.


*Dwekh Nawsha, an Iraqi-Christian paramilitary force based in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq. Dwekh Nawsha is one of the major Assyrian Christian militias fighting genocide at the hands of ISIS.


Topical Focus: Lifestyle, Government and Politics, Education, News and Media, Pro-Life, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary, Women's Issues

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Last name: King

Pro-Life Advocacy

Alveda C. King is a Christian evangelist and civil rights activist and is also known for her creative contributions in film, music, politics, education and journalism. She is also an actress, singer, songwriter, blogger, author (including AMERICA RETURN TO GOD, KING RULES, WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST JESUS), FOX NEWS Contributor and a television and radio personality. 

As a former GA State Legislator, Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life, and devoted mother and grandmother,  she is also a guardian of the King Family Legacy. Alveda is the daughter of Rev. A. D. King and Mrs. Naomi King, the granddaughter of Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. and Mrs. Alberta Williams King, and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Topical Focus: Food and Drink, Notable Nonprofits, Disaster Relief

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Last name: LeBlanc

Mercy Chefs

Chef Visionary: Gary LeBlanc

■ The Visionary: Gary LeBlanc, an experienced chef and restaurant- and hotel-management specialist, and founder of Portsmouth-based Mercy Chefs.

■ The “Aha!” Moment: After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, LeBlanc felt compelled to return to his former hometown, where many family members still lived, to offer his help. In a city that loves food, LeBlanc did what he knows how to do best: He cooked, volunteering with an organization running a mobile kitchen. Two weeks’ exposure, however, to standard disaster-relief food service—cold food, warm water, inadequate facilities and an alarming absence of food safety and sanitation—left LeBlanc determined that it could be done better.

■ The Vision: In the wake of disaster, hot meals, professionally prepared and served with love, could offer not merely sustenance, but also comfort and support to victims and the first responders there to help.

Nine months after returning from his volunteer experience in New Orleans, LeBlanc, inspired by his deep Christian faith, founded Mercy Chefs as a nonprofit with a mission to “feed people, body and soul” when disaster or devastation strikes.

“Food,” says LeBlanc, “is love.”

What he envisioned in 2006 as a “humanitarian hobby” has now become the consuming focus of Gary LeBlanc’s life, a full-time job. And for that, he expresses nothing but gratitude for the gift of this mission, this calling.

 “We always leave,” he says, “more blessed than when we arrive.”

About Mercy Chefs:

Mercy Chefs is a non-profit, faith based, charitable organization committed to serving high quality professionally prepared meals, during local, state and national disasters and emergencies. In order to accomplish our mission, we use state-of-the art mobile kitchens and organizational resources that stand ready for a rapid response deployment to multiple locations. Serving victims, first responders and volunteers is at the core of Mercy Chefs’ calling to show God’s compassion and hospitality. We train church-based volunteer groups, engage Christian hospitality industry professionals as Mercy Chefs, and use our strategic alliances with supporting government and non-government agencies to feed those in need.

Topical Focus: News and Media

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Last name: Jones

Russ Jones has more than twenty-five years of journalistic experience ranging from branding, advertising campaign development, public relations and media buying. He has been engaged in community, government and media relations; corporate communications; events and communications planning; issues and crisis management; philanthropy and cause-related marketing; niche and online promotion; social media, Web development and various content management systems.

Russ Jones has worked on national, regional and local campaigns. He has consulted political candidates, issue oriented campaigns, non-for profit organizations  and consumer product executives.

Russ is a freelance correspondent and has been a guest on such programs as the Trending with Rusty Humphries, Mike Gallagher Show, the Dennis Prager Show and Sandy Rios in the Morning. He served as a social media consultant to one of the GOP presidential super Political Action Committees (PACS). He grew the PACS Facebook page from 950 ‘LIKES’ to over 140,000 in just three weeks.

Russ understands the importance of branding and the matrix of converting traffic into new business. He is a freelance correspondent and has been a guest on such programs as the Trending with Rusty Humphries, Mike Gallagher Show, the Dennis Prager Show and Sandy Rios in the Morning.

Russ has traveled the world both reporting on and representing organizations with significant mission outcomes at stake.

Topical Focus: Lifestyle, Christian Speaker, Conservative Commentary, Fatherhood, Parenting

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Last name: McKee

Jonathan McKee

Jonathan McKee is the author of twenty books including the brand new">If I Had a Parenting Do-Over, 52 Ways to Connect with Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid; More Than Just the Talk; Sex Matters; The Guy's Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket. He has over 20 years youth ministry experience and speaks to parents and leaders worldwide, all while providing free resources for parents on his website You can follow Jonathan on his blog on that site, getting a regular dose of youth culture and parenting help. Jonathan and his wife Lori, and their three kids live in California. For more information please

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Last name: Cox, Israel Advocacy

IsraelAlways iaheader 12


Earl G. Cox has been active in the national political arena for over 30 years having served in senior level positions in the administrations of four U.S. Presidents. He was the national campaign manager for both the Elizabeth Dole and Colin Powell presidential draft campaigns and has been the featured guest on many national television network and cable news programs.

In the year 2000 during the Elizabeth Dole campaign, C-Spann produced a thirty-minute “Road to the White House” documentary featuring Earl Cox as he traveled New Hampshire garnering support for Elizabeth Dole. This program aired across the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

Earl Cox’s career began in 1964 as news director and evening news anchor at a CBS station in Durham, N.C. In 1965 he was chosen by Capital Broadcasting to travel to South Vietnam to report feature news. His daily television reports from Vietnam earned him the United States Air Force’s Distinguished Citizenship Award for telling the Vietnam story. He was the first television reporter to receive this prestigious award. Earl is also the recipient of the U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award; the United States government’s third highest.

Upon returning from Vietnam, Earl was invited to relocate to the Washington D.C. area to serve as Special Assistant and Press Secretary to then Congressman James Gardner. In 1969 he was named by President Richard Nixon as Director of Broadcasting and Chief Spokesman for the U.S. Department of Commerce. Following President Nixon’s resignation, Earl was under consideration to serve as Press Secretary to President Gerald Ford.

Earl received three additional Presidential appointments:

  • At the Department of Commerce, Cox served as the Director of Broadcast Media Services and Spokesperson for the Department.
  • From the Commerce Department, Cox served as Press Secretary to U.S. Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan and also as the Director of Information and Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • He then went on to serve as the Director of Information and Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

During his professional career, Cox served as a ghostwriter for numerous national political figures. He also authored and co-authored numerous publications, manuals, and books relating to American politics. For over twelve years Earl Cox was listed in “Who’s Who in American Government Politics.” In 1992 he was appointed to serve as the Executive Director for the Bush/Quayle campaign in North Carolina where his leadership and skills secured a Bush victory in that state.

Presently Earl Cox, along with his wife Kathleen, is actively crusading for Israel. Since July 2001, Earl has been seen and heard on major television and radio stations across America and around the world. His message has been for the people of God to unite by laying aside denominational and racial differences. As a result of his ongoing media campaign, many churches and synagogues have come together with one voice in support of Israel. During one of his trips to the Holy Land, Earl produced and voiced television spots for Israeli Channel 2 Television Network expressing support for the people of Israel. Millions of Israelis and Arabs have been exposed to these spots over Israeli airwaves. In addition to airing messages of support for Israel through the electronic media, Earl has also posted messages of support on billboards both here in the United States and in Israel. Earl is continually working on programs and projects designed to encourage and strengthen support for the Jewish State of Israel. “Support for Israel” bus tours are among the many promotional tools Earl has used to garner support for the State of Israel. His sights are currently set on internet television with plans in the works for special broadcasts and commentaries.

During one of his trips to the Holy Land, Earl produced and voiced television spots for Israeli Channel 2 Television Network expressing support for the people of Israel. Millions of Israelis and Arabs have been exposed to these spots over Israeli airwaves. In addition to airing messages of support for Israel through the electronic media, Earl has also posted messages of support on billboards both here in the United States and in Israel. Earl is continually working on programs and projects designed to encourage and strengthen support for the Jewish State of Israel. “Support for Israel” bus tours are among the many promotional tools Earl has used to garner support for the State of Israel. His sights are currently set on internet television with plans in the works for special broadcasts and commentaries.

In 2002, Earl launched Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio Network; an international radio broadcast currently airing on stations coast to coast in America and around the world featuring news and exclusive interviews with senior level Israeli government officials, religious, business and community leaders and experts on affairs of the Middle East. Front Page Jerusalem has grown to be the most listened to broadcast produced out of the Middle East targeting Christian audiences around the world. This program is the first of its kind and is considered the premiere Christian radio talk show focusing on Israel.

Earl’s efforts on behalf of the State of Israel have earned him the respected title, “Friend of Israel.” Ehud Olmert, the former Prime Minister of Israel, named Earl “the voice of Israel to America.” Earl has had the privilege of numerous personal meetings with senior ranking Israeli government officials and recognized leaders within Orthodox and Conservative Jewish communities.

Earl regularly travels to Israel to hand-deliver financial gifts to help meet specific needs such as the rebuilding of Yemin Orde Youth Village, providing bomb shelters through the support of Operation LifeShield, conducting interviews for Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio Network and organizing and assisting in a variety of humanitarian projects.

Each program and project serves as part of his overall campaign to establish open channels of communication between the Jewish and Christian communities here in America and in Israel. Part of this effort includes the establishment of the American Christian Reserve (ACR) also known as Israel Always; an all volunteer entity whose mission is:

  • to uplift and encourage the State of Israel and her people by combating anti-Israel media bias
  • by educating people on the rising tide of anti-Semitism and why it is important to stand with Israel
  • by the promotion of tourism to the Holy Land
  • by providing financial assistance where needed
  • by aiding the terror-stricken economy through the promotion of Israeli products
  • by encouraging moral and financial support for Israel among churches and government leaders and elected officials
  • by organizing “Evening for Israel” rallies and other activities in support of Israel across America.

During the Intifada, the war with Lebanon, and the recent war with Hamas in Gaza, Earl Cox stood side by side on the front lines with the IDF soldiers providing them with encouragement and also with much needed supplies. During the Gaza Disengagement in 2005, Earl and Kathleen Cox helped provide support and encouragement to many displaced Israelis who gave up their homes in exchange for the promise of peace.

Each program and project serves as part of his overall campaign to establish open channels of communication between the Jewish and Christian communities here in America and in Israel. Part of this effort includes the establishment of the American Christian Reserve (ACR) also known as Israel Always; an all volunteer entity whose mission is to uplift and encourage the State of Israel and her people by combating anti-Israel media bias, by educating people on the rising tide of anti-Semitism and why it is important to stand with Israel, by the promotion of tourism to the Holy Land, by providing financial assistance where needed, by aiding the terror-stricken economy through the promotion of Israeli products, by encouraging moral and financial support for Israel among churches and government leaders and elected officials, by organizing “Evening for Israel” rallies and other activities in support of Israel across America. During the Intifada, the war with Lebanon, and the recent war with Hamas in Gaza, Earl Cox stood side by side on the front lines with the IDF soldiers providing them with encouragement and also with much needed supplies. During the Gaza Disengagement in 2005, Earl and Kathleen Cox helped provide support and encouragement to many displaced Israelis who gave up their homes in exchange for the promise of peace.

Earl served as a member of the Christian Advisory Board for El Al Airlines. He also served as the official international spokesperson for Operation LifeShield; an emergency campaign to provide ‘transportable’ bomb shelters to areas of need in Israel. He is a contributing writer for the Jerusalem Post and many other print and online publications.

Additionally, Earl Cox proposed to the directors of Yad Vashem – the world famous Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem – an idea to form a Christian Leadership Council of Remembrance. Yad Vashem has embraced this concept and asked Earl for assistance in securing the initial council members. This council has now been in place for several years. Having a Christian council at Yad Vashem represents another historical first in the ongoing development of Christian and Jewish relations.

In January 2012, Earl Cox along with Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat, were named by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Ambassadors of Goodwill from Israel to Jewish and Christian communities around the world.