Every morning radio and TV producers scan the Internet searching for guests for their programs who can:

  •  Convey unique analysis/perspectives in their areas of expertise
  •  Offer expert opinions
  •  Promote new books and ideas
  •  Be Entertaining

We Book Interviews:

We make getting interviews easy! 

The success of TruthPR’s REQUEST A GUEST program is founded on basic values: integrity, honesty and a genuine care for those we serve. We have worked hard to earn the trust and loyalty of those we represent and the Radio, TV and Print forums to which they interview with —both domestically and globally.

  • The Process:
  •  Identify top reporters, bloggers, and influencers specifically for you.
  •  Weekly Email sent with your messaging.
  •  Arrange interviews as necessary.
  •  Continue the effort month-to-month.


We Schedule Speakers:

TruthPR connects you with conservatives who are actively engaged in changing the world.  These fresh voices add new perspective and insight to today’s most important conversations.  


We Distribute Press Releases:

  •  Customized Internal Database & US national PR Newswire distribution.
  •  Major media outlets.
  •  Exclusive database of subscribing journalists.
  •  Proven track record reaching journalists, reporters, bloggers, radio, television.
  •  Real editors, not salespeople.


TruthPR.com is the “ONE STOP RESOURCE” for
Pundits, Expert Commentators and Notable Authors

“Request A Guest” is your single-source directory for locating knowledgeable authorities and leading experts actively involved in a broad range of issues, both domestic and foreign. Journalists, researchers, public officials and conference planners find it to be an indispensable guide for locating the right expert at a moment’s notices.