Rhetoric Prevails by William Owens

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The poem Rhetoric Prevails by American Poet William Owens.Request American Poet William Owens here A portion of the poem: The prescription for depression of most Americans is to be obligated To a overrated ideology that cannot be substantiated by history It’s sheer philosophy concocted with phraseologies that avoid accountability to the people With [...]

That Nothing May Be Lost

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Reflections on Catholic Doctrine and Devotion by Fr. Paul Scalia - published by Ignatius Press, 2017 A Book Review by Father John McCloskey   Among the many achievements of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia must be counted his son, Father Paul Scalia. Many Catholics in America were introduced to him through his father's televised [...]

How did America’s “Abortion King” succeed in selling the abortion lie?

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At the end of an interview with Author Terry Beatley on December 1, 2009, Dr. Nathanson (Co-Founder of NARAL ProChoice America) instructed her to “Continue teaching the strategy of how [he] deceived America, but also deliver this special message: "Tell America that the cofounder of NARAL says to: Love one another. Abortion is not love. [...]

Bible meets Broadway at Sight & Sound theaters

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This article is available for publishing in print and/or online with attribution to the author (756 words). May 20, 2016 | | -- Lancaster, Pa. is far removed from New York City, not only culturally but also geographically, yet throughout the year faith-based tourists and lovers of musicals flock to this slow-paced city, where [...]