US, Israeli Lawmakers Issue Joint Declaration ahead of Trump Mideast Initiative – Middle East Forum

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News from the Middle East Forum November 16, 2017 Washington, DC – November 16, 2017 | |– An unprecedented joint declaration by members of Congress and Israel's Knesset has laid the core principles of a bold new approach to ending the Israel-Palestinian conflict ahead of an expected new push for Middle East peace by President [...]

Israeli, American Lawmakers to Push ‘Victory over Palestinians’ Paradigm in US Events

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The Jerusalem Post November 9, 2017   A right-wing project working to shift the paradigm to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by declaring Israeli victory will make a new push next week to garner public support in the US. Israeli MK Oded Forer (left) with Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes at the July [...]

BRAD MARTIN: Stop Anti-Israel Indoctrination in California School Districts

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The Los Angeles Unified School District, the largest public school system in California and the second largest school district in the United States, approved a workshop for K-12 teachers that is unequivocally anti-Israel. The program is produced by an anti-Israel organization called Fellowship of Reconciliation, which supports boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. The L.A.-based [...]

Over 6,000 Christians Arrived in Jerusalem for ICEJ’s FEAST OF TABERNACLES

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Available for Interviews: Susan Michael, Dir of ICEJ USA Written By: David Parsons, VP Senior International Spokesman More than 6,000 Christians from almost 100 nations arrived in Jerusalem to take part in the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, which was sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). The event ran this year from 6 [...]

Feast of Tabernacles 2017 – Watch as ICEJ streams LIVE from Israel

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International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) Watch the Feast of Tabernacles 2017 live from Jerusalem ICEJ Director Susan Micheal available for interviews. ABOUT SUSAN MICHAEL Director of the US International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) Masters degree in Judeo-Christian Studies Topics: Pro-Israel Advocacy, Middle East Relations with Arabs, Jews and Christians More Information on Susan here Schedule [...]

Palestinian with work permit opened fire on group of Israeli security personnel

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Two security officers and one border policeman killed; Terrorist neutralized AnaRina Heymann, Director of The Jerusalem Watch. Recently I got to spend more time over one week in Jerusalem’s City of David than I’ve spent there in the past 3000 years. Living a mere 15 minutes from Jerusalem I try to be mindful [...]

Three Israelis killed in terror attack Tuesday morning

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Palestinian with work permit opened fire on group of Israeli security personnel; Two security officers and one border policeman killed; Terrorist neutralized. Two Israeli security officers and a border policeman were shot and killed by a Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank Tuesday morning. The terror attack took place near the settlement of Har Adar [...]

NY Museum Creates Virtual Conversations with Holocaust Survivors

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New Dimensions in Testimony, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park City, Manhattan, is an interactive testimony installation—created by USC Shoah Foundation— which allows visitors to have “virtual conversations” with Holocaust survivors Pinchas Gutter and Eva Schloss. Visitors ask questions and lifelike projections of Gutter and Schloss answer in real time—offering personal reflections [...]

50 Shades of Anti-Semitism

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ISRAEL, September 12, 2017 | | -- Among Jews there’s heightened concern about a rise of anti-Semitism. It’s true that in recent years there has been a general increase of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide, and with it a greater awareness of such incidents and how they are responded to. But the truth is if you’re [...]