Who’s Really Driving The Healthcare Policy?

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Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll is a Trinidadian-born American politician who was the 18th Lieutenant Governor of the U.S. state of Florida. The first black American and the first woman elected to the position, she assumed the office on January 4, 2011. We’ve had four elections with the GOP promise to “repeal” and then [...]

8 Moments from Trump’s Speech in Saudi Arabia

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President Trump’s brazen speech in Saudi Arabia is being praised from (almost) all quarters. Its powerful moments will be remembered for years and will reverberate throughout the Middle East, but no speech is perfect. Here are 8 moments and observations from the event, starting with what may be the closest President Trump may come to [...]

Clarion Project: 5 Things Trump Should Say in Saudi Arabia

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5 Things Trump Should Say in Saudi Arabia Op-Ed By Elliot Friedland U.S President Donald Trump is slated to speak to the leaders of 50 Muslim countries during his trip to Saudi Arabia on May 21. Details of the speech have not yet been released. Here’s what we’d like Trump to say: Stop With the Radical Ideology It’s [...]

Ryan Mauro Responds: U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack

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Talk Show Guest Alert U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack  Watch the latest video at Professor Ryan Mauro  Homeland Security Analyst Former Volunteer Researcher for a Syrian opposition group (Reform Party of Syria based in US).   "The speed with which President Trump admitted to changing his mind and took decisive [...]

Lt. Sargis Sangari: Will the Fed Increase Rates to Handicap Trump?

By | 2017-06-29T21:06:46+00:00 March 20th, 2017|Middle East, Nonprofit, Op-Ed, Politics| Guest Sargis Sangari excerpt:  “Currently President Trump is trying to drain the proverbial swamp and seeking funding for the programs that will enable his administration to achieve this goal. Members of Congress who’s financials are tied to the old networks want to see a quicker raise in interest rates, and will do everything they [...]

10 Points About Trump’s Revised Travel Restrictions

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Ryan Mauro Interview - Topic: Travel Restrictions (Guest Ryan Mauro) President Trump has issued an executive order correcting his controversial travel restrictions incorrectly derided as a “Muslim ban.” Of course, despite major changes, groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are still calling it a “Muslim ban” and are committed to retaining [...]

Trump, Radical Islam, And U.S.-Israel Relations: An Interview with Gregg Roman, director of the Middle East Forum

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By  Elliot Resnick  - 11 Adar 5777 – March 8, 2017 Radical shift or politics as usual? That’s the question many are asking about the new Trump administration. American Zionist in particular are concerned about the future of U.S.-Israel relations and the fight against radical Islam. Will the United States, for example, continue to push for a [...]

Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Relocation from Trump Hotel Looming

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WASHINGTON, DC, December 5, 2017 | | -- Just days away from the Presidential Inauguration, many prayerful Trump supporters are concerned that they will lose their seats at the well established Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. “This is a religious liberties case in which the Liberals are trying to stop prayer before the inauguration [...]