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TruthPR 2TruthPR is the leading provider for pitching conservative pundits, experts and authors to the media. With over 15 years of working in media, Jackie Jones founded TruthPR to help her clients share their views, stories, talent and artistic expression in a way that celebrates life and honors G_d.  We connect our experts to media primarily in the United States, Canada and to specific foreign outlets if requested.   

TruthPR represents pundits, experts and authors who seek to be good stewards of their story and talent. 

Level 1 – Opportunity PR

I receive over dozens of requests from the media each day, searching for comment, advice, quotes and case studies across all industry sectors.  If one sounds like it would be perfect for your business, I’ll run it past you before I respond to the media contact. A booking fee will be charged.

**  TruthPR will invoice you when confirmed and the interview is booked. 

Level 2 – Retainer PR

No contracts. Month to month services option available. Rates start at $400 per month. On a continuous basis we: 

  •  Identify top reporters, bloggers, and influencers specifically for you.
  •  Weekly Email sent with your messaging.
  •  Arrange interviews as necessary
  •  Continuing the effort month-to-month.

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Level 3 – Custom Requests

Should you need us to invest further time and resources into securing PR -- Email me at or call 662-259-0988to discuss your specific request. 

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