Where Are All the Men? Solutions for the Worldwide Male Identity Crisis

Where Are All the Men? Solutions for the Worldwide Male Identity Crisis

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Men’s Leadership, Fathers, Mentoring and Character

Paul Louis ColeDallas TX, Oct 6, 2015 | TruthPR.com| — A global male identity crisis is growing due to economic insecurity, marital instability, absentee fathers, negative media images, and a lack of role models. At the “Lions Roar” Global Men’s Summit, November 4-6, 2015, global religious, business and civic leaders will present solutions that address the male identity crisis and raise a new generation of heroes and fathers.

“Nature abhors a vacuum, so without clearly defined rules and guidelines for manhood, society fills the void. Gangs, for example, replace what young men need from a father—structure, identity and belonging,” explains Paul Louis Cole, President of Christian Men’s Network (CMN), host of “Lions Roar.” “This is the same reason for the growth of ISIS. Isis is a ‘men’s movement’ based on a lie.” 

The annual “Lions Roar” Global Men’s Summit, hosted by CMN, will feature leaders from across the US and many nations—including Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mongolia, Canada, Uganda, Germany—who convene to share leadership strategies and documented success stories that reduce the rate of AIDS, fatherlessness, sex trafficking and the child abuse epidemic.

“Decades of male bashing—from negative media and cultural images including feminist Camille Paglia’s ‘men are obsolete’ declaration and The Economist article calling men ‘the weaker sex’—conspiring with skyrocketing rates of fatherlessness create a cultural war on manhood,” Cole states. “It’s difficult for men to know how to act like, think like and be real men. Fathers, heroes, mentors are critical to help men find identity, respect, and courage.” 

Research studies show men and boys are in crisis. Men commit 70% of all suicides. Boys are under-achieving in schools and male college enrollment has dropped to 43%. In some graduate schools, men are the new minority. In the recent recession, twice as many men lost jobs as women. This strategic summit of global leaders November 4-6 tackles the worldwide epidemic of male identity, fatherlessness and feminized masculinity, by addressing strategies such as global training, leadership coaching, prison outreach, and mentoring for young men.

“Fatherlessness is the leading global indicator of poverty and crime. Child abuse and human trafficking are ‘man’ issues. When we lower the demand, we stop the problems,” states Cole. “You can draw great crowds with great speeches, but you’ll never change a nation until you mentor a man.”

The theme for the Lions Roar Global Men’s Summit is “ALLIES!” Meetings will be held Wednesday – Friday, November 4-6, 2015 at Calvary Church, 4401 N. State Hwy 161, Irving TX 75038. 

CMN was founded in 1977 by the late Edwin Louis Cole, and is presently led by his son Dr. Paul Louis Cole. CMN created a successful men’s mentoring and discipleship resource that has spread to over 170 nations and has impacted over 20 million men. 


Information can be obtained at www.LionsRoar2015.com.
Media interviews contact Lynn Scarborough, 469 951-7051, Lynn4media@gmail.com

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