Woman’s NASCAR Crash “Miracle” Launches Amazon Best Seller

Woman’s NASCAR Crash “Miracle” Launches Amazon Best Seller

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Woman’s NASCAR Crash “Miracle” Launches Amazon Best Seller

Prayer at Full Throttle” 12 Straight Weeks As Amazon Best Seller

Golden Valley, MN |Christian News Service| – Robert Bakke’s Amazon Best Seller, Prayer at Full Throttle, may not have been written if it wasn’t for a woman racer’s bad night at a racetrack. “I was 150-miles away when I broke into a highly charged prayer for my friend Rylee,” said Bakke, who added, “I found myself crying out to the angels to respond at the ‘speed of lightening’ and go to her. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before.” Moments later his friend would suffer the crash of a lifetime and walk away uninjured.

In a series of photos the woman’s racecar can be seen sliding on its roof, spinning and throwing sparks. The racecar is without a front roll bar which is allowing the racecar’s roof to collapse, and even more violent is the fact the woman’s helmet has been thrown off. Her blonde hair is easily visible in photos as the racecar’s roof collapses onto her head. More than thirty other racecars were all around her, yet they all appear to have been “pushed away.” After sliding hundreds of feet upside down, the woman racer emerged from her racecar unharmed. Bakke stated this was the second miracle in two weeks (both caught on film). Both events are written about in the book which includes photos of each.

According to Bakke, the book isn’t necessarily about racing. It’s about the power of a daily prayer relationship with God. But because the miracles caught on film occurred at a racetrack, racing is an obvious element. The book is available through www.amazon.com in both paperback and e-book.  

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Robert Bakke is a jet captain and aerobatic flight instructor; a black belt, karate instructor and regional champion; a ski instructor; a race car driver; a best-selling author, and was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24. After shattering numerous sales records, Bakke saluted good-bye to his business career and moved on to captain jet aircraft and teach the “performance” of God’s Word. He received his Certificate of Ordination as a Minister of the Gospel on April 15, 2012. Bakke is available for interviews and appearances. 

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