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Author, Social Justice WarriorThe_Assault_on_America_COMP1Author and Culture Expert Alex McFarland is sounding the alarm about the impact of our culture and what we must do to save our country in his latest book:

  1. In the next administration, add 2-4 justices to the Supreme Court, which they can easily do with a president, vice presi- dent, and fifty Democrat senators.
  2. Give citizenship (including voting rights) to approximately 15 million illegals.
  3. Relax border security, ultimately adding more between 1 and 2 million new “undocumented” voters to rolls each year.
  4. Increase the number of legal immigrants annually allowed into the U.S.
  5. Allow unregistered voters to show up, register, and vote all in one, on election days.
  6. Mail-in ballots become the norm, and allowing people to “proxy vote” for others will become law.
  7. In the name of “justice and civil rights, it will be outlawed to require a photo ID when voting.
  8. Election days will become Federal holidays.
  9. The Electoral College will be abolished.
  10. The voting age will be reduced to 16 or 17 years of age, and stu- dents will be allowed to (encouraged to) vote in their high schools.
  11. Former felons will be restored the right to vote (and possibly even inmates serving time) will be allowed to vote.
  12. Repeal of the Hyde Amendment (currently prohibiting the use of tax dollars to pay for abortions) will take place soon after the inauguration of our next Democrat president.
  13. Military spending will be greatly reduced.
  14. The pressure to limit the authority of local law enforcement will intensify. Federal funding to states for roads and schools will be withheld, contingent on compliance with liberal pol- icies coming out of Washington. Local citizens will have less and less say about their own municipalities, and about their security in general.
  15. Private ownership of guns will become illegal.
  16. Religious activities will be strictly restricted to the inside of churches, synagogues, and mosques.
  17. Criticism of liberal beliefs and immoral behaviors will become “Hate Speech,” punishable by fines and/or jail time.
  18. Entitlements: Health care, a guaranteed income, and “free” college tuition will be given to all, citizen and non-citizen, whether or not they agree to work.
  19. Billions of dollars will be spent for reparations, beginning first with disbursements to African Americans, then quickly to other “oppressed” ethnicities as well.
  20. Green energy policies will continue to dominate the platforms of Democrat candidates and leaders. Mandate to comply with the minutiae of enviro-friendly laws will be enforced not only for businesses, but also upon homeowners.
  21. American sovereignty will be relinquished to mandates com- ing forth from the United    Nations and the World Health Organization. Though the full ceding of leadership may take as much as a decade, ultimately, leadership of America will be in the hands of committees staffed by representatives from member nations of the UN and WHO.

Just as multiple contributing factors coalesced into the falling of the Towers, the combination of several detriments is bringing down (what was) the greatest nation on earth—the United States of America.

Alex McFarland has researched and documented facts in his latest book which is doing well on

A must read before our next election!

The Assault on America
How to Defend Our Nation Before It’s Too Late!

America has suffered some big losses – eroding morals, a Godless culture, and a declining national spirit. These losses have corrupted the very fabric of our once-stalwart nation, coalescing into social and political overthrow with anarchy raging in the streets. Many wonder, is this the end of America?

Author, broadcaster, and educator, Alex McFarland answers with a resounding NO!

We must stand up and defend America … before it’s too late!

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Alex McFarland summarizes years of research in “Assault On America”.

  • Presents the most serious threat to our Constitution virtually no one is talking about … and which we guarantee you’ve not heard yet
  • Provides FACTS about the Marxist agenda you won’t hear anywhere else
  • Shares Liberal’s plans to give citizenship AND voting rights to millions of illegals and felons- beginning in 2021
  • And yet, discusses HOPE! The realistic steps to save American liberty from socialism

America is truly at a crossroads. Will the people of our great country come together to resolve the problems that confront a pluralistic society, or will we splinter into special-interest factions that seek to divide and conquer? 


  • The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity (ISBN: 9780764215162)
  • 10 Answers for Atheists: How to Have an Intelligent Discussion About the Existence of God (ISBN: 9780764215131)
  • 10 Issues That Divide Christians (ISBN: 9780764215155)

FOX News and call Alex McFarland, “an expert on religion and culture.” Author, broadcaster, educa- tor, Alex has spoken in all 50 states and internationally. Find him online, at:, and on Facebook: @RevAlexMcFar- land Located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Guest Avail 

Alex McFarlandAlex McFarland

  • Author
  • Religion & Culture Expert
  • Apologist
  • Worldwide Speaker/Evangelist
  • College Professor
  • Missions Strategist
  • Broadcaster
  • Former Pastor & Seminary President

As an author, Alex McFarland has written over 150 published articles and is author of 20+ books, including the best-selling The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity- and How To Answer Them.  Alex was one of the first Christian authors to write a series of apologetics / worldview books specifically tailored for teen readers.

Alex is a frequent spokesperson on Fox News, and has been interviewed by other media outlets including Fox and Friends, the Alan Colmes Show, “The Strategy Room”, Billy Graham’s Decision radio broadcast, Focus On The Family radio, NPR’s All Things Considered, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint broadcast, BBC, CBN, Bible Broadcast Network, La Vie (France), and news outlets including CBS, FOX, NBC, CSPAN, SRN, and the Associated Press (AP) wire service.


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