“Follow the science.”  | By Terry BeatleyPresident, Hosea Initiative | A Dr. Bernard Nathanson Project


Pres. Reagan and NathansonThe abortion ruling should be re-examined, this time using science.

When the Supreme Court announced in January 1973 that abortion was now the law of the land, the overwhelming consideration for their decision was the woman’s privacy rights between her and her doctor and “a woman’s right to choose.”

“Science” was not decided. In fact, science was specifically excluded from their decision. The Justices withheld any science-based decision when they offered in footnote #3, “that the definition of human life is for the legislature and not the courts.”

In the majority opinion written by Justice Blackmun, the issue was “privacy” and the penumbras of “sexual privacy said to be protected by the Bill of Rights” emanating from the Constitution. Astronomy tells us a penumbra is “the shadow cast by the earth or moon over an area experiencing a partial eclipse.” The Law tells us a penumbra includes rights derived by implication from other rights. And in the case of Roe, that implied right is privacy.

Privacy, not Science formulated the legal opinion that allowed Roe and all of America to have an abortion.

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