The next generation of great talk radio got his “start” in the 4th grade when he drew radio controls on his loose leaf binder and stuck a pencil in the center to be his microphone. The station “WILK-Oh W” and Andrew’s commentary in class was not appreciated by his teacher. In 1990 Andrew became a college DJ at 640-AM WDTU at S.U.N.Y. Delhi in upstate New York. The station was carrier current, which meant it could only be heard on the campus. His first show was a mix of punk metal and what became nineties alternative and whatever “politically incorrect” things Andrew could say or do to get people to call the request line. Within a semester he was the Program Director. Being the PD meant spending more time at the station just keeping it on the air than studying.

In the spring of 1992 Andrew transferred to S.U.N.Y Farmingdale back on Long Island and quickly made his way to the college radio station which was in disarray. The station was also a carrier current station, 640-AM WCTF. When Andrew became PD he began researching student listening habits, making relationships with record companies, staffing the station, training the DJs and airing campus news and events. For his efforts to turn around a chaotic station, Andrew received a tuition stipend from the school. While all of this was happening Andrew became an intern at Long Island’s alternative music station 92.7 WDRE. He worked as the morning show intern for Darren Smith (who now programs SIRIUS XMs First Wave 22). His day started with WDRE from 5:30-9am, then going to class, then performing the duties of PD at WCTF, then doing his own radio show in the afternoon.

Fast Forward … In the summer 2005 Mel Karmazin the CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio had been driving in a rent-a-car that did not have Sirius. He was listening to WABC when Andrew was doing his show. He made a note “to hire this guy”. By December of that year Andrew was in talks to make the jump to Sirius. He signed a contract in June of 2006. “The Andrew Wilkow Show” was launched on Sirius Patriot 144 in August of that year. By early 2007 Andrew realized the show needed a new name that would make a bold statement and “The Wilkow Majority” was born. “The Wilkow Majority” was added to XM America Right 166 after Sirius and XM became one company in January of 2009. The program can be heard live Monday-Friday on SiriusXM Patriot 125. Andrew works every day to make “The Wilkow Majority the most popular program offered by SiriusXM radio, because it’s based in one thing and one thing only and that is….rational thought.”