Angela and Alveda King Fight for Justice in America From the Road

Angela and Alveda King Fight for Justice in America From the Road

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By Alveda King
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Justice definedAuthor/activist Angela Stanton-King and “yours truly” Alveda King continue to join forces to unite America for advancing criminal justice reform and sanctity of life.This week, with meetings at the White House, prolife roundtables and a March for Life in Virginia on the schedule, we are calling for prayers and support for the mission.

In the continuing campaign to “Revitalize Urban Communities” social justice activist Angela Stanton-King unites diverse community leaders with initiatives such as Opportunity Zones and Prison Reform. She is also promoting a #GodisLife agenda. Angela is my “goddaughter.”

As a formerly incarcerated, now liberated book publisher, author, and reality television personality, Angela feels compelled to “put others on the road to financial freedom.” Her Leadership Summits explain opportunity zones, tax regulations, investment opportunities, and the importance of utilizing capital gains.

As an outspoken Christian Evangelist, and Director of Civil Rights for The Unborn, I remain “on board to save babies and lift up Jesus.”

In keeping with the mission, working in media and entertainment with current projects including We’re Not Color Blind and the Roe v. Wade Movie, we are advancing the cause of justice and freedom for everyone.

With ongoing prayers combined with support of the sweeping humanitarian reforms of President Trump, which include sanctity of life, religious freedom, social and criminal justice reform and economic jubilee, Angela and I share an expected outcome: to educate, motivate, and activate leaders and laypeople to work together for a great America.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Dr. Alveda C. King grew up in the civil rights movement led by her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She is director of African-American outreach for Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries. Her family home in Birmingham, Ala., was bombed, as was her father’s church office in Louisville, Ky. Alveda herself was jailed during the open housing movement. Read more reports from Dr. Alveda C. King — Click Here Now.

About the Author:

Director of Civil Rights for The Unborn for Priests for Life and author of America Return to God. Evangelist King is a former college professor and served in the Georgia State House of Representatives. She is a recipient of the Life Prize Award (2011), the Cardinal John O’Connor Pro-Life Hall of Fame Award (2011) from the Legatus organization and the Civil Rights Award from Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (2011). She is a bestselling author; among her books are King Rules: Ten Truths for You, Your Family, and Our Nation to Prosper, How Can the Dream Survive if we Murder the Children? and I Don’t Want Your Man, I Want My Own. She is an accomplished actress and songwriter. The Founder of Alveda King Ministries, Alveda is also the recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from Saint Anselm College. She has served on several boards, including Heartbeat International, Georgia Right to Life, MLK Center, Bible Curriculum in Public Schools and Abortion Recovery International (ARIN). She is also a member of the National Black Prolife Coalition (NBPC) and is a Senior Fellow with the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society. Alveda is a regular columnist for “Insiders” section and a Fox News contributor.