by E. Calvin Beisner, Cornwall Alliance

What do you do if you’re a climate activist and a geoscientist speaks at a meeting near you offering scientific evidence against your point of view? Well, of course—you do what any rational person would do. You attend and listen carefully and weigh the arguments and consider whether you should change your views. Maybe you ask some questions during the Q&A at the end of the talk, challenging some of his evidence or reasoning. Maybe, if you’re really confident of your views, you contact the event organizers in advance and offer to debate the speaker, making the event all the more valuable to people of all persuasions.

Or maybe not.

Maybe, instead, you just show up and start shouting slogans like, “When scientists lie, people die!” or “Climate change is killing us!” or “You have the blood of climate refugees on your hands!”

And when you’re asked to leave the premises so the speaker can continue and the audience can hear what he has to say, you keep marching around inside the room, shouting, for as long as you can—and then you keep on shouting your slogans as you’re escorted out of the building.

That’s what happened when Cornwall Alliance Contributing Writer Gregory Wrightstone, a veteran geologist, spoke for Eagle Council in St. Louis, MO, September 15. Protesters interrupted him and began chanting those slogans and walking in circles around the room in which he spoke. You can view the protest here. (Caution—protesters use profanity and vulgarity near the end of this video.)

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This may be one of my favorite resources we’ve given away ever. Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA is a hard book to put down.

This isn’t just another book about radical environmentalism and the over reaches of the Environmental Protection Agency, it’s a nail-biting story of how one man stumbled upon the EPA testing what they claimed was an extremely deadly pollutant on individuals without their informed consent.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson testified before the subcommittee of the House Energy and and Commerce Committee that:

“Particulate matter causes premature death. It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to to dying sooner than you should.”

But if that’s the case, the EPA had no business testing it on people, and they certainly had no right to test it while telling those people that there were no major risks. Which is what they did.

And the results of their tests? No one died. No one was even hurt. So then why is the EPA regulating as extremely dangerous something that they can’t prove has negative health effects. And why did they lie to Congress about it?

The book is fascinating, full of information, yet easy to read. It’s absolutely worth your time, and it would make a great gift. So, for the month of September, I’ll send a FREE copy of Scare Pollution to anyone who makes a donation to the CornwallAlliance of ANY size and requests it, mentioning Promo Code 1809, while supplies last.

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