Arizona Republic May Have Violated FEC Law in Candidate Debate

Arizona Republic May Have Violated FEC Law in Candidate Debate

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Also violates their own stated criteria for inclusion

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Peoria, AZ – February 1, 2018  | | – Despite being twice elected Sheriff in Arizona, having a longtime dedicated national following, and having the second largest number of signatures of any candidate running for Congress the 8th Congressional District Special Election – the Arizona Republic newspaper shut out Sheriff Richard Mack from participating in their online debate last week.  Now it appears that decision not only violated the newspaper’s preset qualifications, but may have violated Federal Election Commission law which could trigger an illegal corporate donation to those candidates that did appear.

The letter from Mack to the Arizona Republic with all of the details of how they violated their own rules and the potential FEC violation can be found here:

Sheriff Richard Mack stated, “It is outrageous that the Arizona Republic held a rigged debate where they ignored their own rules as to who could even participate.  Now I know that it may have also violated FEC law.  Hopefully this will show voters the lengths to what the “lamestream” media and their cohorts in the Republican Establishment will do to keep me out their forums and debates.  They know that I will reveal the real record of Debbie Lesko, Phil Lovas, Steve Montenegro, and Bob Stump in the Arizona Legislature.  We are supposed to be the political party that is against picking winners and losers, but they just can’t help themselves.”

“Long before I was elected Sheriff, I fought to protect the Constitution from those who would seek to usurp it,” Mack continued.  “I realize the political elite want to rig the system, but like President Trump we in Arizona have to ‘drain the swamp’ in the GOP as well.”

Mack gained national attention when he sued President Bill Clinton over the Brady Gun Ban winning in the US Supreme Court.  Since that landmark Supreme Court ruling Mack has written six books and appeared at over 150 conservative political rallies nationwide. He has stood against the incursions of the Federal Government and has fought for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine. He is the Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and is in the NRA Hall of Fame.


Sheriff Richard Mack is a candidate for Congress in the Arizona Special Election GOP Primary on February 27. For more information see

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