Author Terry Beatley Requests Debate With Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

The Upside To The Gorsuch Nomination

Beatley What If Weve Been WrongMATHEWS, Vir., March 19, 2017 | | — By leveraging the promise author Terry Beatley made to the founder of NARAL, Beatley debunks feminists’ false narrative as it pertains to the confirmation of Gorsuch and “women’s reproductive rights.”

By exposing the 8-point propaganda campaign and parting message of Dr. Bernard Nathanson—NARAL’s founder—and the 2003 “Roe” affidavit to OVERTURN the Roe v Wade decision, Terry slays the arguments that feminists use to defend the shedding of innocent blood.


Going against all odds, Terry set out in 2011 to fulfill the promise she made to Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D., the regretful cofounder of NARAL.

Dr. Nathanson was the preeminent physician who trained Planned Parenthood’s doctors how to exterminate America’s children, exploit women, fast-track Margaret Sanger’s racist population control and legislatively usurp parental rights.

Nathanson’ propaganda paved the way in our culture for the Roe v Wade decision. In a rare interview, Terry promised Dr. Nathanson that she would deliver his parting message and teach Americans how NARAL deceived our country with an 8-point propaganda campaign.

Healing America begins by boldly standing up for Christian-Judeo values and renewing respect for all human life. In a recent George Barna poll on 150 issues, 91% of self-described Christians identify abortion as the #1 issue in which they want the truth with facts and knowledge. This confirms that LIFE is the cornerstone for healing our land.

For such a time as this, LIFE will lead as the battle of worldviews rages to determine which one will dominate American laws and policies.

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About Terry Beatley:
Terry Beatley, author of the recently released book What If We’ve Been Wrong? Keeping my promise to America’s ‘Abortion King’ and president of Hosea Initiative. Hosea Initiative teaches a broader understanding of historical facts, exposes the abortion industry’s exploitation of women, and explains why worldview matters.

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