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National Anthem Girl (documentary) – 2019 – Jefferson Moore (Actor, Writer and Producer). Also known for The Perfect Stranger (2005), Clancy (2009) and Pieces of Easter (2013). Founder of Kelly’s Filmworks Ltd.

With Veteran’s Day Around the Corner, “National Anthem Girl” Will Resonate

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As seen in The Independent Critic With Veteran's Day Around the Corner, "National Anthem Girl" Will Resonate In 2014, Long Island native Janine Stange became the first person in the United States to perform the "Star-Spangled Banner" in all 50 U.S. states, a journey inspired by Stange's desire to honor America's brave and a journey [...]

Interview: Jefferson Moore, Producer of the Nation Anthem Girl Documentary

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Date of Jefferson Moore Interview: October 7, 2019 Interview of Guest Jefferson Moore, Producer of the documentary 'National Anthem Girl' Find the film on Amazon Prime or Show Host: James Moore Topic: National Anthem Girl documentary Jefferson Moore statements: 'Shot footage for the documentary all across the U.S.' 'All the feed back has been [...]

JEFFERSON MOORE Interview May 2019 w/ Doug Van Pelt

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Jefferson Moore - Interview Date: May 2019 by Doug Van Pelt After watching several of his independent films about a modern day Jesus appearance, I reached out to talk to this skilled actor to find out more. When he found out I lived near Austin, he immediately asked if I’d been to Robert Rodriguez’ house. [...]

Audiences Find Non-Political ‘National Anthem Girl’ Doc More Appealing Than Controversies

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To ScheduleProducer Jefferson Moore, contact or 662-259-0988 Who would have ever thought that a 2019 National Anthem documentary that fails to mention Kaepernick, Trump, kneeling, flag shoes or MAGA hats would resonate with audiences across the board? The people at Kelly's Filmworks, that's who. A new documentary film that follows the 2-year journey of [...]

New Documentary Highlights Patriotic Accomplishment of New York Singer

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Inquiries and interview requests should be directed to Jackie Jones, or 662-259-0988. National Anthem Documentary: The story of Long Island native, Janine Stange's, 2-year journey to become the first person in US history to perform The Star Spangled Banner in all 50 states is chronicled in 'National Anthem Girl', a new documentary from Kelly's [...]