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A former actress who saw first-hand what takes place in Hollywood once the lights are down and cameras are turned off. She wants to share all of this inside information with YOU!Truth about celebrity life-styles are revealed along with personal stories of what she has experienced while working in the industry for over a decade.Whether through this weekly blog, a podcast, radio show or live event, her goal is to help equip you in how to become a bold counter-culture warrior.

Tina Marie Griffin Receiving Death Threats on Social Media

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Tina Marie Griffin: To Schedule, contact Jackie@Truthpr.com or 662259-0988 The very teens and adults I am trying to help, are now sending death threats. This guy is a gamer, has never met me, but has left me several violent death related voicemails and now this. Tina Marie Griffin recieves death threats from gamer on [...]

The Scary Trend in Children’s Dance

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Guest Avail Tina Marie Griffin of Counter Culture Mom. To Schedule, contact Jackie@TruthPR.com or 662-259-0988.  If your daughter wants to take dance class, pick a company who’s conservative both in song selections and wardrobe choices to encourage modesty. From contributing writer Mary Bawden from contributing writer Mary Bawden Have you bought flowers for [...]

Calling All Moms! Equip Your Teens and Young Adults for Life!

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Register now for the Truth for a New Generation Conference! Early Bird Deadline: THIS SUNDAY, Aug. 19! (Teens 17 & Under, FREE!) Religion and culture expert, national radio host and author Dr. Alex McFarland is taking his Truth for a New Generation conference “on the road,” with the first regional stop of this event featuring [...]