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Evangelist Alveda King: How the ‘Grinchy’ Press Attacks Christmas

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To Schedule Alveda King, contact Jackie Jones at 662-259-0988 or Alveda King and son arrive at WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE 2019 (Courtesy Alveda’s Cell Phone) The Washington Post and other media’s attacks on First Lady Melania Trump, the White House decorations, her attire and the events are just very hurtful. I [...]

Is Today’s Culture War About Legacy or Lunacy?

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The current Impeachment Lies, Democrat Debates, Chick-fil-A Attacks, and DOJ/Comcast Misalignment are all examples of indicative symptoms of a very serious problem: Culture War. In light of the very recent Democrat Party presidential debates, America should pause, stop, and examine our moral state. If the Democratic Party has anything to do with it, our current [...]

When did it become fashionable for rank and file subordinates to go against direct orders from their superiors?

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Guest Avail: Lt Gov Jennifer Carroll: Lieutenant Commander USN (Ret.) Area of expertise: Defense/Military/Veterans/Space and Aerospace The Secretary of the Navy works at the pleasurer of the Commander in Chief and President which is Donald J. Trump. I don't know since when it's gotten fashionable for rank and file subordinates to go against direct orders from their [...]

Nation Builders Founder & Author of The Trump Prophecies Mary Colbert calls for prayer to ‘change hearts’ of Democrats.

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Nation Builders Founder & Author of The Trump Prophecies Mary Colbert calls for prayer to 'change hearts' of Democrats. Citing Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, warned on Fox News that the current impeachment effort could "cause a civil war-like fracture in this nation from which this country will never heal." This socialist agenda, taking [...]

Planned Parenthood Federation of America And The Truth Are Two Different Things!

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Truth is the actual state of a matter. Truth embraces the characteristics of honesty, integrity, accuracy, fidelity and consistency. Truth embodies the precision and exactness of veracity, candor and frankness. The Truth of a statement conforms with the verifiable, indisputable, invariant facts, propositions, principles and in some cases, the most obvious realities, of a matter. In my neighborhood, when referring to "Truth," [...]

A Voice of Reason in the Midst of Impeachment Malarkey

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In the midst of the “Impeachment Malarkey,” while I’m receiving so many texts and phone calls either of concern from President Trump lovers, or doom and gloom and threats from Trump haters and pessimists in general, a voice of reason seems to be calling the faithful to a unifying spirit that includes kindness, forgiveness and [...]

Breitbart Interviews LT Gov Jennifer Carroll

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Guest: LT Gov Jennifer Carroll Date of Interview: October 17, 2019 Host: Host Joel Pollak and Rebecca Mansour Show: Breitbart News Topics: Maggies List vs Emily's List | Supporting Republican Women (Conservatives) Florida Politics | Re-Districting | Hispanic Voters Impeachment Proceedings | 'Never-Trumpers' Need to go Mitt Romney's lack of gratitude to Pres. Trump Trump's Military Stance [...]

Host Blanquita Cullum on The Hard Question interviews LTC Sargis Sangari Regarding updates in the Middle East

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Guest: LTC (R) Sargis Sangari Date of Interview: October 26, 2019 Host: Blanquita Cullum Show: The Hard Question Do We Understand The Middle East? | SARGIS SANGARI | PHIL KERPEN | CHRISTIE LEE-MCNALLY To Schedule interviews, Media Contact: or 662-259-0988

Abortion is inherently evil. Terry Beatley with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

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Media Contact: Jackie Jones Tel. 662-259-0988 Abortion is inherently evil. Terry Beatley with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First Topics: Talks about what America does not know re: abortion. V.P. Biden denied communion. She met Dr. Nathanson in person and speaks out about what he told her. Talks about Dr. Nathanson's 8 point plan - [...]