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Terry Beatley says, “Illegal entry into the United States does not earn a female the right to kill the baby in her womb.”

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"One million people try to immigrate out of their mothers' wombs each year - and 500,000 are females - but liberals ignore the cries of these immigrants and support their slaughter." "What a great injustice that liberals perpetrate to not hear the cry of the immigrant in the womb only to feign advocates for women [...]

Rhetoric Prevails by William Owens

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The poem Rhetoric Prevails by American Poet William Owens.Request American Poet William Owens here A portion of the poem: The prescription for depression of most Americans is to be obligated To a overrated ideology that cannot be substantiated by history It’s sheer philosophy concocted with phraseologies that avoid accountability to the people With [...]

Jack Yoest Comments on 3.0 Percent GDP Growth

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"Jack Yoest, professor of Management at The Catholic University of America, comments on 3.0 percent GDP growth. What is the magic number for presidential leadership?  Three. 3.0  is the benchmark of healthy, sustainable growth for the Gross Domestic Product.  The president does not manage, does not command the economy, of course.  But president Trump inspires [...]

Jeff Flake and the Challenge of Human Resource Management

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Available for Interviews: Jack Yoest, Clinical Assistant Professor of Management Politics and Marketing is the business of addition and multiplication.  But Jeff Flake is practicing subtraction and division by leaving the Senate and maligning the leader of his party.  And President Trump did not work to keep the senator.  Why not? Flake lost his power, his [...]

Fact: A sitting president called an African-American widow to communicate his condolences.

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Available for Interviews: William Owens "It is reprehensible to think a sitting Congresswoman, of any party, would use the tragic lost of an American solider to score political points. To take advantage of a family in deep sorrow who has lost a son and a husband and use such a painful moment in order criticize [...]

“Trump Tax Plan: argumentum ad hominem”

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"Trump Tax Plan: argumentum ad hominem" "Liberals continue their irrational hatred and resistant of president Trump, for who he is, what he does, and who he represents.  When the Trump tax reforms are presented as being from Bernie Sanders, college students loved the proposals.  When these millennials learn that Trump is the author, not Sanders, they get--confused.  [...]

Trump justified in firing Mueller & Rosenstein.

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Larry Friis: Political Analyst - Adjunct Professor     Trump justified in firing Mueller & Rosenstein. FBI cover-up during the Mueller era makes it impossible for Mueller to carry on an objective investigation into Russian collusion. The evidence is mounting through investigative reporting that Russian influence in the Uranium One deal was exercised to get approval. [...]

I am a Blue Star Dad.  I don’t know if I ever told my son about this duty…

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Available for interviews: Jack Yoest Jack Yoest is a former Armored Cavalry Captain who performed duties of a Survival Assistance Officer.  He commanded burial details and presented tri-folded flags to Gold Star Mothers.Request Interviews Here "Chief of Staff General Kelly reminded us what leadership looks like in his recent press conference about Gold Star [...]

The policies of the liberal-progressives have given us a North Korea with an advanced nuclear bomb capacity

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"The best indication of future performance is past performance. The policies of the liberal-progressives have given us a North Korea with an advanced nuclear bomb capacity and the means to threaten our Allies.  President Trump will not let this stand and will make the world safer."