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Angela Stanton-King says: “I hate to say it but there were hardly any black ppl there.”

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March For Life in Richmond Virginia. Look at the crowd. I hate to say it but there were hardly any black ppl there fighting for our babies and future generations 👶🏽 and that’s sad considering the fact that 46% of the black population has never been born because they were murdered in the womb. I [...]

Military Day at the Shot Show 2019 in Las Vegas

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WHO IS GOING TO SHOT SHOW 2019??? You can be sure to find ACE LUCIANO there. (To Schedule Ace, contact or 662-259-0988). That's right, folks. 14 days from TODAY is the 2019 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show- one of the LARGEST trade shows in the world. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends [...]

Dr. Ken Canfield: 5 Activities Kids Love to Do with Grandparents

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Hot Topics: Work & Family | Grandchildren | Healthy Relationships | Videos | Become A Member 5 Activities Kids Love to Do with Grandparents From Dr. Ken Canfield, PhD and the National Association for Grandparenting As a grandparent, spending time with your grandchildren is how you connect and bond with them. If you’re looking for simple ideas on what [...]


By |2018-09-17T20:58:31-05:00September 17th, 2018|Media Interview Pitches| Guest Avail Gregory Wrightstone Author & Climate Contrarian To Schedule: or 662-259-0988 Hurricane Hyperbole – Politicizing Tragedy As seen in The Daily Caller Author and Climate Contrarian Gregory Wrightstone CLIMATE CHANGE CONTRARIAN: Gregory Wrightstone is a geologist who has been investigating the Earth’s processes for more than 35 years. Does Hurricane Florence [...]

Guest Alert: Author Shelley Neese Book Release, The Copper Scroll Project

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Guest Alert September 10, 2018 |  Media Contact: Jackie Jones Tel: 662-259-0988     The Copper Scroll Project now available on Nook and Amazon Kindle Guest Avail: Author Shelley Neese Published by Morgan James, The Copper Scroll Project tells the story of Barfield’s decade-long quest to uncover Qumran’s secrets―the lost treasures of the [...]

U.S. Supreme Court Rules 7 – 2: Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

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Statement on SCOTUS Ruling by Rev. Mark Creech Executive Director of Christian Action League June 4, 2018 Since same sex marriage became legal in 2015, there have been cases across the country of people from various wedding-related occupations - cake bakers – photographers - owners of wedding venues - florists, etc. that have been harassed, persecuted, and [...]

Guest Alert: Sheriff Richard Mack responds to The New Yorker: ‘The Renegade Sheriffs’

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It doesn't just seem as if there's a new assault on criminal justice and public safety every time you turn around. There really is: The Renegade Sheriffs A law-enforcement movement that claims to answer only to the Constitution. (By Ashley Powers) Sheriff Richard Mack responds to above hit piece on sheriff's as seen in The New Yorker. [...]

EJ Kimball & Sheriff Richard Mack … #GunControl #Iran #Israel & More (AT CPAC)

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May I suggest two experts for your booking consideration. They are currently at CPAC and available. (1) FOREIGN POLICY ANALYSIS: EJ Kimball is a foreign policy and national security consultant with over 10 years' experience working in Washington, D.C. He most recently served as executive director of the Israel Allies Foundation. EJ Kimball: The UN Relief [...]

Shift To Greatness Bike Trek 2017 Press Conference

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Jackie Jones 662-259-0988 The Shift To Greatness organization is hosting a rally on November 7th in Las Vegas to call upon fellow artists of every expression to use their gifts to express faith, hope and love throughout America. Shift To Greatness Bike Trek 2017 Press Conference DATE: November 7, 2017 TIME: 10 AM [...]

JENNIFER CARROLL: Government officials see “the tax payers money,” as an endless faucet of money flowing in to use

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Government officials usually say the cliche that “they want to run government like a business.” With most of them never running a business, having the headache to manage their own money to pay salaries, manage marketing costs, manage employee costs, put up with onerous government regulations, increase taxes and fees, keeping up with the competition, [...]