Overcomer movie: What defines you? by Rusty Wright

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The creators of the popular War Room film release Overcomer on August 23 (USA; see links below for releases elsewhere).  It's a winner.  I laughed; I cried; I cheered.  Your readers may, too: Overcomer movie:  What defines you?  What defines who you are?  Your job?  Your spouse, your partner, your accomplishments?  Does your sense of [...]

Open Borders Receives Accolades At the Get Free Film Fest

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by Linda Charlton, contributing reporter for the South Lake Tablet To Schedule Mark Saunders, Contact or 662-259-0988 It’s a long way from Lake County to L.A., but Mark Saunders of Montverde bridged that gap this past weekend when his film, “Open Borders“(shot entirely in Lake County), was screened at the Get Free Film Fest [...]

America Doesn’t Need Gun Control, It Needs More Father Figures

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To Schedule Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock, contact Jackie Jones, or 662-259-0988  As seen on Todd Starnes | August 9, 2019 | Author Chris Woodward Topic: Father figures The head of a faith-based scouting organization is offering a solution to prevent shootings and other attacks. Guest Avail: Mark Hancock “The fix [...]

Black abortions kill more Black Americans than Black homicides, 42-1

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As seen in The Strident Conservative | August 9, 2019 | Author Walter B Hoye II Guest Contributor: Walter B. Hoye II, Founder and Pres. of Issues4Life Foundation Editor’s note: In the aftermath of last weekend’s mass shootings, politicians from both parties at every level of government are busy working on ways to deny us [...]

Russ Jones – Executive Producer of the Abide App on GodSpeed Magazine

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Abide's executive producer Russ Jones was recently interviewed by Godspeed Magazine. The interview goes LIVE at 6:30 pm Pacific and 9:30 pm Eastern.   Go to the link below and learn how God is using Abide to share the Gospel and lead people closer to Jesus   #abide #Godspeedmagazine #live #interview #God #gospel [...]

The Biggest Reason Millennials Fall Away from Christianity – and a Plan to Fix It

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Religious “nones” are on the rise in America. But these nones aren’t religious at all. Survey after survey shows a staggering decline in faith practice in the United States. America’s “nones” – the nomenclature used by survey researchers to describe those who report no religious affiliation – are the largest and fastest growing “religious” group [...]

Black Abortions Kills More Black Americans Than Black Homicides 42 to 1

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According to the Violence Policy Center, a national nonprofit educational organization that conducts research on violence in America, there were 6,095 Black American homicides for the year 2014. When you consider, that in the same year, Black Americans represented only thirteen percent (13%) of the population in the United States of America and yet accounted for fifty percent [...]


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As seen in NewsWeek | July 31, 2019 Written by LEE HABEEB , NEWSWEEK COLUMNIST, VICE PRESIDENT OF CONTENT AT SALEM MEDIA GROUP AND HOST OF "OUR AMERICAN STORIES" ON 7/26/19 AT 5:00 AM EDT Anyone who's experienced divorce knows the tragic consequences. It's hard on the adults, the kids and anyone else connected to [...]

Black Leaders Visit White House Again! When peripherals collide, convergence is eminent!

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Friends, please review this inside view from one who attended POTUS meeting with Black leaders on 7/29/19. Prayerfully please. Thanks. 🏽 Alveda (starts at 28:00) (starts at 25:00) The time has come for America to “make Agape Love”, not war. Love and communication God’s way will take us further towards [...]

Would you Worship a “God in a Box”? by Andrew Hoy

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BUT - WHAT IF?!?! But - what if - the Exodus Tabernacle story is so mysterious because Bible translations and the things that we've learned about this amazing wilderness tent were completely distorted?  What if generations of scholars and theologians have been depicting the wrong image of God's house for centuries?   How would such [...]