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The Hard Question interview of Alveda King on June 17 2019 re: Slavery Reparations

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Date: June 17, 2019 Guest Alveda King discusses Slavery Reparations with Blanquita Cullum's radio show:  The Hard Question. To schedule Alveda King, contact or 662-259-0988. About Alveda King:  PASTORAL ASSOCIATE, PRIESTS FOR LIFE Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life Civil Rights Activist Niece of Dr. Martin Luther [...]

JP De Gance talking about: How about the millennials in your life? 43% of millenials say they don’t believe.

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Guest Interview: John Paul 'JP' De Gance Show: The Hard Question with Blanquita Cullum Date: April 24, 2019 How about the millennials in your life? 43% of millenials say they don’t believe. Today on The Hard Question on WCGO AM 1590/FM 95.9 in Chicago: Do you believe? Are you a faith-based person? How [...]

JP DeGance discusses data-informed strategies for Marriage with Podcaster Matt Lewis

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JP DeGance on Using Data to Save Marriages March 29, 2019 by Matt Lewis JP DeGance, president and CEO of Communio, discusses the proven, data-informed strategies that strengthen families, marriages, and faith.

Former Cop Sgt Mike McGrew Turned Author on Bill Martinez Live

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Former cop turned author talks about his new book. Interview of 30 Year Veteran Santa Barbara CA Cop talks about his new book: A Higher Call To Duty Guest Sgt Mike McGrew tells stories of his 30 year experience as a cop in California and his journey to faith. Show: Bill Martinez Live Host: Bill [...]

Host BQ of The Hard Question Interview of Sheriff Richard Mack April 8 2019

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Host Blanquita Cullum (BQ) on The Hard Question. Guest Sheriff Richard Mack - Starts at Minute 26.20 Date: April 9, 2019 Topic's include: --> Goal: Arming the Teachers. Analyzed school shootings. 4 things that always happen & why teachers should be armed! Trained teachers can save thousands of lives. Gun Control does not work, [...]

Host Kevin Jackson interviews Angela Stanton King at CPAC 2019

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Guest Angela Stanton King Host Kevin Jackson on America's Voice Live Radio Show On location at CPAC 2019  - The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is an annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States. CPAC is hosted by the American Conservative Union. Topic's include: Prison Reform, First Step Act and [...]

Breitbart Interview: The Pakistan – India Conflict

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Breitbart News Tonight Interviews LTC (R) Sargis Sangari Date: February 26, 2019 Is the war a possibility between Pakistan and India? What do you think is going to happen? What will Saudi Arabia do? How does this affect surrounding Tribal groups? We're seeing an escalation. How is Pakistan and Saudi Arabia going to benefit? What [...]