TV and Film Actress Candace Cameron-Bure Speaks Candidly About Her Family, Career, New Book and Living Out Her Faith In The Public Eye

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In an Episode of “Frankly Faraci” on Dove Channel, Candace Reveals a Simple Truth She Holds Dearly “Kindness always wins, no matter what. It doesn’t mean backing down, I can stand my own ground and still be kind.” (LOS ANGELES, CA—December 12, 2017 -- — Dove Channel, Cinedigm’s (NASDAQ: CIDM) OTT rapidly-growing and popular [...]

Director Dallas Jenkins Releases Pilot Episode “The Shepherd: A Story of the First Christmas”

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Director Dallas Jenkins Releases Pilot Episode “The Shepherd: A Story of the First Christmas” on VidAngel to Spark Investment Interest in His Upcoming Original Series The Chosen, the First Multi-Season TV Show about the Life of Jesus   The inspirational filmmaker behind What If..., Midnight Clear, and The Resurrection of Gavin Stone releases Christmas campaign [...]

Apple Store Creator Ron Johnson Reveals His Faith Informed Design of Iconic Holiday Shopping Destination

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Press@Inspire.Buzz Phone: 323-379-5180 Apple Store Creator Ron Johnson Reveals His Faith Informed Design of Iconic Holiday Shopping Destination   In Stunning New Episode of Dove Channel’s Frankly Faraci, Enjoy CEO Ron Johnson talks Target, Apple, JC Penney, and Steve Jobs, “...the light of God burned inside of him big time. He had [...]

Weinstein Can’t Shut These Women Up

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Men in Hollywood (and around the world) can’t abuse or silence these women     HOLLYWOOD – In Hollywood and around the world, certain men have bullied, abused and even raped women – and then tried to shut them up. The Censored Women’s Film Festival is where women in film will finally have their say. “These women [...]

Celebrities Open Up About Faith, Family as Dove Channel’s Original Hit Series “Frankly Faraci” Returns for a 2nd Season on November 8th

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Harry Connick Jr., Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, Atticus Shaffer, Candace Cameron Bure, Apple Store Creator Ron Johnson, Pitcher Adam Wainwright, and Corbin Bernsen reveal how their careers are inspired by faith   (LOS ANGELES, CA—November 2, 2017--—Dove Channel, Cinedigm’s (NASDAQ: CIDM) OTT rapidly-growing and popular family-friendly streaming service, is announcing today that its hit original series Frankly Faraci is returning for a second [...]

43% More Sex, Drugs, Alcohol in “Stranger Things: Season 2”

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 New VidAngel Filtering Data Reveals Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Season 2 Contains Significant Increase in Mature Elements   43% more sexual content, 43% more alcohol and drug use, 40% more objectionable language, 28% more violence and gore, and five uses of the F word in Season 2, vs zero in Season 1 (Provo, UT—October 31, 2017 [...]

Same Kind of Different movie: Inspiring odd couple

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Copyright © 2017 Rusty Wright 612 words Not always in sync with your spouse or partner? Try befriending a homeless ex-con who shuns you. Maybe some miracles will happen. Oh, sure. An art dealer to the rich and famous, Ron Hall doubted that advice. His spunky wife Deborah was insistent. Homeless drifter Denver Moore became [...]

Dunkirk movie: WW2 mayhem and miracles

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When your back's against the wall, and the enemy's closing in fast, and all hope appears lost, it might be a good time to consider praying. That's what faced England in May 1940. Hitler's war machine had pinned nearly 400,000 Allied troops by the English Channel. Surrender or annihilation seemed imminent. The ensuing drama inspired millions and significantly influenced the war's outcome. Warner Bros. brings this epic story to the big screen. (Short op-ed)

The Case for Christ movie: An atheist wrestles with the evidence

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Atheist Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) discusses faith with a Chicago Tribune colleague. If you’re a committed atheist and your spouse becomes a follower of Jesus, it might just rock your world.  That’s what happened to hardnosed Chicago Tribune legal affairs editor Lee Strobel, who marshalled his skills in journalism and law to find [...]

Wonder Woman movie: Want her on your side?

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Wonder Woman  She deflects speeding bullets with her bracelets, swan dives off a tall cliff to rescue an Army officer who’s crash landed in the ocean, and dazzles with spectacular sword-and-shield combat moves.  Her golden lasso compels you to tell the truth.  She’s a friend/companion to the Army officer, a princess to her [...]