Mercy Chefs to Provide Relief for Victims, First Responders Hurricane Florence

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Virginia Nonprofit to Serve Professionally Prepared Meals in Wilmington, N.C. PORTSMOUTH, Va., Sept. 14, 2018 – Mercy Chefs, a Virginia-based disaster relief and humanitarian aid organizationthat serves professionally prepared, restaurant-quality meals in emergencies and natural disasters, will deploy its team of professional chefs to Wilmington, N.C., to feed victims, volunteers and first responders of Hurricane Florence on Saturday. Mercy Chefs deploys to help first [...]

Professional Chefs to Feed Thousands of At-risk Students During Oklahoma Teachers’ Walkout

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CLAREMORE, OK, April 2, 2018 | | – Mercy Chefs, a national, disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization is onsite in Rogers County, Oklahoma and is prepared to feed 2,500 at-risk students for the duration of the week. Schools in Rogers County will not be serving breakfast or lunch during the teachers’ walkout leaving [...]

Middle East Forum Investigation: Foundations Gave Millions To Groups Accused Of Terror Ties

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PETER HASSON Associate Editor As seen in The Daily Caller Major American foundations have given millions of dollars in funding to Islamic organizations accused of having ties to radical Islamist movements or designated terrorist organizations and a group of activists are trying to convince them to stop.  Groups like Islamic Relief Worldwide, which some countries [...]

News Alert: Assyrian Christians Wounded in Teleskof Market; Another Exodus has begun.

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Available for Interview: LTC Sargis Sangari Assyrian Civilian Christians have been wounded in the fighting between Sunni Muslim Kurds and Shia militias/Iraqi Army forces in the village of Teleskof in the Assyria Nineveh Plain.Request Interviews Here The Assyrian Christians who had started to return to Teleskof after the Mosul fight were greeted by mortar [...]

American Poet Biking Across the Nation to Provoke a Shift from the Pain of the Past to Greatness for All Americans

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"It is time to move beyond the injustices of yesterday to the greatness of tomorrow." -- William Owens LAS VEGAS, NV, October 20,2017 | | -- William Owens, Poet and Author of 13 books, is rallying Las Vegas city pastors and the local "Church" body to lead the charge for a Shift to Greatness [...]

Virginia based relief group heads to Puerto Rico in aftermath of Hurricane Maria

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PORTSMOUTH, VA, September 29, 2017 | | – Mercy Chefs, a Hampton Roads based non-profit, disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization departs for Puerto Rico this Saturday, September 30th. The team will be carrying a 300 gallon per hour water purification unit, 250 water purification straws and cases full of relief supplies. Upon arrival, [...]

What It’s Like to Be Smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center

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"I paid a professional price when the group attacked me in 2009. Now I wear its mud as a badge of honor." By Carol M. Swain Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, was to have testified before the House Homeland Security Committee about threats posed by domestic extremist groups. The hearing, scheduled [...]

Professional Chefs head into Florida bringing relief for victims of Hurricane Irma

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PORTSMOUTH, VA, September 11, 2017 | | – Mercy Chefs, a Virginia based non-profit, disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization has deployed a third team of professional chefs to feed victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida. Today, the relief group is driving into the state from their pre-staged location in Alabama. Their convoy consists of [...]


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NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED, NON-PROFIT PARTNERING WITH BALTIMORE P.D. TO BRING “SUMMER OF PEACE” TO BALTIMORE Chef Gary LeBlanc (far right) of Mercy Chefs teams with the Baltimore Police Department and local leaders within Baltimore including Chief Melvin Russell Baltimore, MD, August 8, 2017 | | – Mercy Chefs, a Virginia based non-profit, disaster [...]

Barna: Agreeing on Change That Most Americans Want Won’t Be Easy

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Agreeing on Change That Most Americans Want Won't Be Easy American Culture & Faith Institute Release: May 3, 2017 George Barna May 3, 2017 | TruthPR | -- Surveys have shown that Americans are unhappy with the present state of our society and want to see changes made. Millions of Americans indicate that they are [...]