The significance of the ‘backyard war’ brewing with China

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As seen in The Daily Herald | August 18, 2019 | Author LTC (R) Sargis Sangari To Schedule, contact Jackie Jones, Jackie@TruthPR.com or 662-259-0988 In my July 4 op-ed for the Daily Herald, I introduced the concept of "backyard wars" as limited but violent expressions of ongoing rivalries between great powers. I observed that "often, [...]

Sgt Mike McGrew Interview on The Hard Question host Blanquita Cullum discusses Community Policing

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Date of Sgt Mike McGrew Interview: August 13 @ 2PM ET Segments 2, 3 & 4 Sgt Mike McGrew Host Blanquita Cullum on The Hard Question: Topics Covered: Law Enforcement | Violence in the U.S | Insults against ICE & Police Community was more supportive in the past. Lack of support is taking a toll [...]


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To Schedule: Contact Jackie Jones, Jackie@TruthPR.com or 662-259-0988 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Philippians 4:8 Our hearts [...]

Maggie’s List Proudly Announces Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll As New National Spokeswoman

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Maggie’s List hires Jennifer Carroll as national spokeswoman Former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, once a political rising star, will ascend anew on a national stage in a spokeswoman role. Described as a “patriot and a servant ready to elect more conservative women to office,” Carroll is the new hire by super PAC Maggie’s List. [...]

Alveda King to Archbishop Gregory: President Trump is not racist

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To Schedule Alveda King, Contact Jackie Jones at 662-259-0988 or Jackie@TruthPR.com As seen in Newsmax: Dear Archbishop Gregory, President Trump Is Not a Racist | Newsmax.com ATLANTA | August 2, 2-1019 | -- Evangelist Alveda King, director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life, today took exception to Washington, D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s [...]

LTC Sargis Sangari on CBN News: Trump & Iran: More Diplomacy or War?

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Guest LTC (R) Sargis Sangari  On 23 JUL 19 LTC Sargis Sangari, CEO NEC-SE, was interviewed by Gary Lane on Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). The subject of discussion was Iran crisis, POTUS and DoS approach to the crisis, Britains new role, and Europe’s eventual involvement in striking a new deal, and Saudi Arabia’s future. Trump [...]

Host Blanquita Cullum of The Hard Question Interviews LTC (R) Sargis Sangari Regarding Iran and More.

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Host Blanquita Cullum (BQ) of The Hard Question Interviews LTC (R) Sargis Sangari. More Info on LTC Sargis Sargari Topics: To hear Sargis go to Min 26.50 Sargis talks about the Middle East and Iran. Iran in process of negotiations We walked away from the first deal that was struck. Now the U.S. are in [...]

Evangelist Alveda King: Shame on “The Squad”

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“The Squad is: A self-avowed “gang” of beautiful, powerful, Jezebelesque women devoted to stirring up strife and mayhem. They should know better.” Evangelist Alveda King In contrast, for me, working with the beautiful and powerful Women for Trump Advisory Board, is a breath of fresh air. https://email.gpeflow.com/t/ViewEmail/r/D6FE05D846AF5CAA2540EF23F30FEDED/C5886BFAF63BD2F91D419C9787CC9684 women.donaldjtrump.com We applauded President Trump for outstanding compassionate [...]

The Hard Question interview of Alveda King on June 17 2019 re: Slavery Reparations

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Date: June 17, 2019 Guest Alveda King discusses Slavery Reparations with Blanquita Cullum's radio show:  The Hard Question. To schedule Alveda King, contact Jackie@TruthPR.com or 662-259-0988. About Alveda King:  PASTORAL ASSOCIATE, PRIESTS FOR LIFE Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life Civil Rights Activist Niece of Dr. Martin Luther [...]

Congress should welcome the declassified documents with open arms and not politicize the president’s decision

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Copyright © 2019 Elad Hakim, PA | May 24, 2019 Elad Hakim - The Thoughtful Conservative OP ED Available for your consideration | 728 Words ** Please contact Jackie@TruthPR.com if you use this content. Please give full attribution to Elad Hakim, PA. For freelance writing assignments: Media Contact: Jackie Jones | Jackie@TruthPR.com | 662-259-0988 On Thursday, President Trump gave [...]