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5 Things You Likely Never Knew About Apollo 11

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As seen in Forbes Science | June 16, 2019 As the 50th anniversary of the first Moon walk looms ever closer, there has been a cornucopia of new books on almost every angle of NASA’s Apollo program. But veteran journalist Charles Fishman’s “One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission That Flew Us To The Moon,” manages [...]

Can Artificial Intelligence Save Us From Asteroidal Armageddon?

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As Seen In Forbes Science | June 17, 2019 Even in this age of high-speed data analysis, a keen human eye normally can’t be beaten when poring over images of potential asteroidal impactors. But Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) could soon change all that. The El Segundo, Calif.-based Aerospace Corporation is now testing A.I. software designed to [...]

U.S. Needs ‘Fighter’ Satellites And Supremacy In Space, Zubrin Argues

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Written by Bruce Dorminey | As Seen in Forbes Science | May 30, 2019 In “The Case for Space” --- Robert Zubrin’s refreshingly candid, excellent new book, the longtime space advocate argues that the U.S. needs to get to work deploying both ASATs (anti-satellite weapons) and fighter satellites in Earth orbit. His book’s plea comes [...]

NASA CubeSat To Make Most Detailed-Ever Map Of Water Ice At Moon’s South Pole

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Mosaic of lunar North Pole CREDIT: NASA/JPL A shoebox-sized NASA-funded cubesat should create the most detailed, high-resolution map of lunar water ice ever attempted. Now scheduled for launch in 2020* as a secondary payload on NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Exploration Mission (EM-1), the Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper Mission (LunaH-Map) will spend two [...]

Hong Kong scientists join search for alien life, hope to discover whether we are alone in the universe

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As seen in South China Morning Post | April 5, 2019 The University of Hong Kong’s Laboratory for Space Research specialises in planetary and space science, high-energy astrophysics and late-stage stellar evolution A satellite/telescope will soon be sent into space to observe galaxy clusters and dark matter University of Hong Kong Professor Emeritus Sun [...]

Proposed NASA SmallSat Mission Could Be First To Visit Pallas, Our Third Largest Asteroid

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As seen in Forbes Science, March 10, 2019 | Author Bruce Dorminey Pallas, our solar system’s third largest and wholly unexplored asteroid, is the target for a potential SmallSat NASA flyby mission for possible launch in 2022. This remnant protoplanet, in fact, remains the largest unexplored planetary body inside the orbit of Neptune. Orbit [...]

Former NASA Rocket Scientist On Why We’re Still Going Nowhere Fast

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As seen in Forbes Science | January 31,2019 | Bruce Dorminey Time and again we hear that we are behind the aerospace curve; that we should be farming peanuts on Mars by now; mining Helium-3 in some far-flung lunar lava tube, or living the dream in a space condo parked in low-Earth orbit. But nearing the [...]

Steam-Powered Asteroid Hopper Offers Revolutionary New Way To Explore Our Solar System

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As Seen In Forbes Science | January 14, 2019 | Author Bruce Dorminey Revolutionary new steam-powered space technology should enable future space probes to hop from asteroid to asteroid; around the surface of the Moon or Mars; or even on a far-flung Kuiper Belt object for decades at a time.  It’s the product of a [...]

Scores Of Rocky Exoplanets May Be Bone Dry And Lifeless, Astronomers Now Say

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As seen in Forbes Science | January 13, 2019 | Author Bruce Dorminey Astrobiologists like to think that forming solar systems result in cauldrons of plenty; cornucopias of molecular compounds that make for terrestrial worlds just itching to form life. But observations of an eroding debris disk around the nearby red dwarf star AU Microscopii [...]

Galaxy May Be Littered With Dead Aliens Blindsided By Natural Climate Change

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As seen in Forbes Science | December 31, 2018  On the cusp of yet another trip around the Sun, I found myself wondering how many alien civilizations within this sector of our Milky Way might have already come and gone? That is, bitten the dust due to wholly natural climate change long after their planet [...]