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On Thursday, President Trump gave Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify any documents related to the surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016. Immediately thereafter, Congressional Democrats blasted Trump’s decision and began to politicize the move. While this conduct was not unexpected, it is difficult to comprehend whyany member of Congress would object to the president’s decision to disclose the truth behind one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history.

Shortly after Trump authorized Barr to declassify these documents, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff criticized the move. According to The Daily Caller, Schiff stated, “While Trump stonewalls the public from learning the truth about his obstruction of justice, Trump and Barr conspire to weaponize law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies. The coverup has entered a new and dangerous phase. This is un-American.”

Schiff’s objection to declassifying these documents is somewhat convoluted. On the one hand, based on the troubling information that has been disclosed to date, the pending IG report, the US Attorney’s pending investigation, Barr’s investigations and the utter failure of the Mueller report to establish collusion or obstruction, Schiff and other Congressional Democrats are understandably nervous about what the American public will learn once the declassified material is released. Therefore, from a politicalstandpoint, Schiff and other Democrats know that the release of this information could create big problems for Democrats come 2020 (especially among moderates or independents).

On the other hand, Schiff and his fellow Congressman should welcome this information so as to find the truth, deliver justice to the real perpetrators and to slowly bring closure to a country that desperately needs it. After all, the American public was forcibly fed a false Russia-collusion narrative for years. The investigation surrounding this false narrative was very costly and served to further polarize a country that was already somewhat divided. Moreover, people’s lives were ruined and the credibility of some of the nation’s most sacred and respected institutions, including the FBI and CIA, was significantly compromised and tarnished. Therefore, from a “what is best for the country” perspective, allmembers of Congress (who are elected by, and serve, the people) should welcome this information.

Unfortunately, there is a clear disconnect between political aspirations/goals and what is best for the country. If this was not the case, why would anyone object to learning the truth behind what really happened? For example, who ordered the surveillance on the Trump campaign? Why? What steps were taken to put this surveillance in motion and who was involved? What was the basis for this surveillance and how was it obtained/derived? The answers to these questions are vital to establish closure for the American public and to deliver justice to the people who were involved in any wrongdoing, regardless of their political affiliation.

It is inconceivable that members of Congress would turn down the opportunity to learn the truth behind one of the largest political scandals in U.S. history. As reported by Fox News, citing a statement by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, “Today’s action will help ensure that all Americans learn the truth about the events that occurred, and the actions that were taken, during the last Presidential election and will restore confidence in our public institutions.”

All members of Congress should welcome this information with open arms, including Schiff. It is an opportunity to get to the bottom of a scandal, the likes of which this country has never seen. If Congress is so concerned with transparency and oversight, the release of this information could provide a treasure-trove of new material/information. The problem/concern, of course, could lie in what the documents reveal.

Contrary to Schiff’s characterization, there is nothing “un-American” about exposing a possible, and likely, coup to remove a duly elected president from office. There is nothing “un-American” about exposing one or more people who seemingly illegally spied on the Trump campaign. To the contrary, it would be irresponsible not to disclose this information.

While Schiff and others may not like it, there is nothing “un-American” about it.



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