Cong. Cummings & Pres. Trump on Capitol Hill

Atlanta, GA | October 26, 2019 | TruthPR— May the family and loved ones of the late US Representative Elijah Cummings find peace and comfort during this time of bereavement.

Friday during the day of memorial observances for the late Elijah Cummings, three American Presidents – Trump, Obama and Clinton – spoke kindly of Cummings’ contributions. Some news reports disrespected the moment by choosing to embellish the occasion by taking shady jabs at our sitting president who paused during his prescheduled visit to a historically black college to offer condolences to the bereaved.

As one who has lost three loved ones in the midst of violence and political mayhem, I know first hand how heavy grief can be.

In times like these, people need the Lord. May God comfort those who mourn and remind us all – as part of the One Blood Human Race – to be kind to each other. Please pray for America.