Host Blanquita Cullum of The Hard Question interviews Dr. Ken Canfield.

Dr. Ken Canfield

Date August 9, 2019

Topics discussed:

  • Violence and the recent shootings. (Ohio, Texas and all the others)
  • Fathering
  • Root causes of these horrific shootings come with a lack of identity formation. As a man, if you don’t have healthy relationships with a father, the insecurities and despair set in.
  • Young men angry – self regulating behaviors.
  • Legislation will not fix the family formation problem.
  • Men are not maturing as ‘men’
  • Men not bonding with their children
  • Family systems: who are the healthy men? Build strength, humility, etc. Need to identify a person who can help young men be mentored.
  • Steps for young men are available.
  • Men follow models – look at Spiritual ways.
  • Live healthy