E.W. Jackson: “You have ruined the game of football”

E.W. Jackson: “You have ruined the game of football”

E.W. Jackson – comments on the NFL

“You can only live in that mansion and do whatever it is you do because of this great nation”.

“You have ruined the game of football”.

“If you can’t honor the American Flag and Anthem, just leave”.

“Roger Goodall should be fired”.

“You never go to a foreign country and criticize your own country. They went to Great Britain and stood for their anthem, not ours”.

“People in Great Britain are subjects”.

“If you’re going to stand for theres and not ours, stay over there if you think America is so bad”.

“Those of you who won’t stand for our flag and anthem – just leave”.

“Renounce your American citizenship and leave. Leave us alone.”

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EW Jackson regarding the NFL and our Anthem

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About the Author:

E.W Jackson is a Republican Political analyst; a nationally syndicated radio host on American Family Radio & Urban Family Talk; Presiding Bishop of The Called Church; was 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia; and is founder & president of S.T.A.N.D.