EJ Kimball was quoted in this article on UNRWA

EJ Kimball was quoted in this article on UNRWA

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EJ Kimball was quoted in this article on UNRWA: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/state-department-hiding-game-changer-report-myth-palestinian-refugees/

EJ Kimball, director of the Israel Victory Project, a coalition of pro-Israel lawmakers, told the Free Beacon that those under UNRWA’s care should be compelled to admit they are not actually refugees in the technical sense.

“If the State Department is interested in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the number of actual refugees from Israel’s War for Independence must be publicized,” Kimball said. “For the approximately 5 million Palestinian Arabs in need of aid, they should be helped after acknowledging they are not refugees. By doing this, we can break the yoke of victimhood and oppression and give these ‘refugees’ the human dignity they deserve. UNRWA has failed and it either needs to be drastically reformed or tossed into the dustbin of history.”

EJ Kimball

Director, Israel Victory Project

Middle East Forum

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EJ Kimball is a foreign policy and national security consultant with over 10 years' experience working in Washington, D.C. He most recently served as executive director of the Israel Allies Foundation. He previously served as foreign policy counsel to Rep. Sue Myrick (NC), staff director of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus, and director of government relations for Jorge Scientific Corporation. Kimball graduated from Boston University, earned his Juris Doctor from Western New England College, and received a Master's degree from the American University School of International Service. Contact: Kimball@MEForum.org