A New and Inspiring Voice Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the cofounder of NARAL, commissioned Terry Beatley to debunk the false narrative as it pertains to abortion, women’s reproductive rights and healthcare. By exposing the 8-points of propaganda—including the “Catholic Strategy”—that Dr. Nathanson used to deceive Americans and the 2003 “Roe” affidavit to OVERTURN the Roe v Wade decision, Terry uproots the arguments being used to defend the shedding of innocent blood. She uses the keys that Dr. Nathanson left behind for such a time as this—to restore the United States of America with principles that honor Jesus Christ and God’s gift of family.

“Hosea Initiative is doing what Blessed Paul VI decreed on the Apostolate of the Laity on November 18, 1965 in Apostolicam Actuositatem. The Hosea Initiative is a great gift to assist those in the Church proclaiming the dignity of every human life. I pray God’s blessings upon Ms. Beatley and her ministry. May it be used to transform the hearts of many and save the souls of millions.”
—Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Diocese of Kansas City, KS
Chairman, USCCB Pro-Life Activities Committee
(as of 11/2018)

“Terry Beatley and the mission of Hosea Initiative are filling a very important void in the public debate over human rights, abortion, justice and truth. Terry was tasked by the cofounder of NARAL —Dr. Bernard Nathanson — to teach the truth of how he used propaganda to deceive Supreme Court justices, legislators, and the American public. He equipped Terry with the truth. Now it’s our turn to listen, learn and respond to the truth.”
—Reverend Paul Scalia
Episcopal Vicar for Clergy, Diocese of Arlington

“…What was the strategy of the abortion industry early on? How can knowing that strategy provide the key
to changing abortion law and abortion culture? Terry Beatley has written a powerful book which answers
those questions. Get What If We’ve Been Wrong?, read it, and tell others about it.”
—Dr. Jerry Johnson, Ph.D.
President and CEO, National Religious Broadcasters

“The courageous message of Terry Beatley is critical to exposing the lies on which the abortion industry
and the constitutional right to abortion rests. Truth, not ideology, should guide our judges and lawmakers.
Terry’s story of Dr. Nathanson, an abortion apostle, exposes the lies that masquerade as a women’s
health issue resulting in death, pain and suffering. Go tell it everywhere.”
—Mary Ellen Bork
Wife of the late Judge Robert H. Bork

“Terry Beatley’s work shines a bright light on the destructive seeds that have caused the coarsening of culture by devaluing life. Read it and be more equipped to lead the restoration of America.”
—Thomas P. McDevitt,
Chairman, Washington Times

“Every voter should read this book! It could liberate America from a destructive propaganda campaign! Terry Beatley is faithfully and tenaciously keeping the cofounder of NARAL’s message alive.”
—Marjorie Dannenfelser,
President, Susan B. Anthony List

“This beautifully written book shows the power of truth. Journey with Terry as she fulfills her promise while proving that pro-life politics is a ministry to unborn children.”
—Karen Cross,
Political Director, National Right to Life political director

“Terry uses the commitment of a promise, her courageous spirit and the power of loving people with truth to change hearts and minds … all the way to the voting booth.”
—Fr. C. John McCloskey III, spiritual director for Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D.
Fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute

“As a born-again Christ follower, I am deeply moved by Terry Beatley’s passionate pro-life response to America’s most deadly battlefield since 1973: the womb of theAmerican mother.”
—Coach Ron Brown
Former longtime Assistant Football Coach of University of Nebraska
Current Associate Head Coach at Liberty University

“Dr. Bernard Nathanson left behind a very important mission for Terry Beatley. Ienthusiastically support Terry’s efforts to fulfill that mission…”
—Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary 
President Emeritus, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of Southern Baptist Convention

“With a powerful inside look at a sinister industry, What If We’ve Been Wrong? is a must read that the millennial generation should not miss!”
—Helena Ramirez
Recognized as 2015 Forbes Under 30 in Law and Policy
& 2015 Washington, D.C. “Leaders of the Future” by Latino Leaders Magazine

“Terry Beatley’s single minded determination to get the truth out is a timely and relevant fight to this country—and politically, a potential game changer.”
Nancy Schulze, Founder Congressional Wives Speakers
Co-founder of The American Prayer Initiative
Wife of 5-term Congressman Dick Schulze, Ret.

“This book has the most concise, clear description of the conversion of a heart that starts first with science. Nathanson’s was aconversion of the mind first and then the heart…It’s the clearest document I’ve ever read on the topic.”
—Congressman Kevin Cramer (North Dakota)