As Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky and other states take a bold stand, joining POTUS in America’s fight to protect the civil rights and human dignity of children in the womb, Black Prolife women say enough is enough; as they continue to demand positive solutions to abortion which include defunding Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion giant, and dismantling the “racist” federal Office of Population Affairs.

Meanwhile, shouting her abortion, actress Minka Kelly says she “made the smartest decision” to abort because it was good for her and her boyfriend at the time — and the unborn fetus — from a life of struggle. If death is the solution to a life of struggle then why didn’t Ms. Kelly and her boyfriend kill themselves too? She blames “old white men” for defending the rights of human babies. We are not old white men. We are women who hate abortion and love mothers and babies. When you know better, you do better,” said Evangelist Alveda King

Denise Walker responds: “Ms. Kelly, what’s old and tired are your excuses to justify dismemberment and murder of innocent babies. You played sexual Russian roulette, became pregnant and then bailed from your responsibility to either parent your baby, or make an appropriate adoption plan where you could choose the parents! Now you hate the rising requirement to accept adult responsibility for adult behavior?”

Dr. Day Gardner agrees: “While Hollywood ‘stars’ like Jane Fonda and self-proclaimed sex strike advocate Alyssa Milano post about their sexual perspectives, we are concerned about infant mortality, high risk pregnancies, the cost of child care, all of the problems women face to become mothers, andthe destruction of our families. Pregnancy is not a disease, a baby in the womb is not a disease, and abortion is not health care because it kills human beings.”

“So you boycott the civil rights for unborn babies by shutting down film projects? And, if you can’t kill your babies, you’ll stop having sex?” That’s not such a bad idea. That’s called abstinence,” said LaKisha Chapman of MOMMY LET ME LIVE

“While voluntary abstinence doesn’t solve the dilemmas of the pregnancies of rape, incest, coercion and forced abortion victims, there has to be a better path to justice than killing innocent victims in our wombs and in our arms.” rejoined Evangelist King.

Angela Stanton King asserted: “It’s a shame that 25 White Men had to pass a law proving they care about the preservation of Black life because those who cry ‘racism’ in America won’t fight for life in the womb.”

Lori Hoye breaks it down: “Rape and Incest account for >1% of abortions. I was a child conceived in rape. Nine months after my birth, my mother graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was Class Valedictorian. She worked her way from poverty to great success in the business world, proving that Black women are strong enough to succeed even as single parents. So murdering our children is NOT the path to success.”

Dr. Loretto Grier Cudjoe weighed in: “Whether rich or poor, from the jungles to the palaces, bringing a child into the world is an act of faith. Not faith in an economic system dominated by “old white men” but faith in a God who created all things and made all humans in His own image and likeness.”

Chaplain Ayesha Kranrz rejoins: “As though we cannot love them both; mother and child. Is this Hollywood angst the same argument of Thanos, the bad guy from the last two Avengers Movies; that half the world needs to be destroyed? I guess Hollywood is telling us they are the bad guys and they know it, but it is worth it. – Is that the movies imitating life or vice versa?”

Pastor Stephen Broden who also is not an old white man said: “In an attempt to appease Political Correctness, Minka Kelly expresses the results of mind numbing leftist indoctrination; mouthing a militant feminism that justifies murdering babies for self-aggrandizement.”

The women are joined by many Black leaders, all who are praying for nonviolent life affirming solutions for America’s race wars, destruction of our families, and an end to the violence of abortion.