“The Squad is: A self-avowed “gang” of beautiful, powerful, Jezebelesque women devoted to stirring up strife and mayhem. They should know better.” Evangelist Alveda KingThe Jezebel Squad

In contrast, for me, working with the beautiful and powerful Women for Trump Advisory Board, is a breath of fresh air.

Women for Trump



We applauded President Trump for outstanding compassionate humanitarian leadership in:

  1. The Rising economic boon; jobs, tax breaks, hands up for least of these.
  2. Sanctity of Life and Family Enrichment (Higher Standard of Living)
  3. Criminal Justice Reform
  4. America First – (“We all bleed the same.”)
  5. Youth Recovery and Restoration
  6. Safe Borders and Legal Immigration
  7. Restoring Harmony in International Affairs
  8. And so much more.

The question for The Squad is: Impeach or Repair the Breach? Another one: How can we as women help to reasonably unite and nurture and repair?

Solution: We can pray and support the new trajectory of hope that POTUS has ignited.

Ladies, use your faith; not your hate!


As I’m writing this post, we are observing the 50th Anniversary of the sacrificial death of my father, beloved civil rights warrior Rev. AD KING who gave his life for the love of Christ and humanity. When man walked on the moon July 21, 1969, Daddy was killed that day, and he died and went to heaven.

A.D. King Foundation

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