Available for Interviews: William Owens

“It is reprehensible to think a sitting Congresswoman, of any party, would use the tragic lost of an American solider to score political points. To take advantage of a family in deep sorrow who has lost a son and a husband and use such a painful moment in order criticize a statement made by any President reveals what such a motive was to begin with. Without knowing the tone or context of President Trumps statement, which should be private and respected as a conversation between two people, how can we really know what he meant. Personally, I doubt very seriously if the intent of President Trumps statement was meant the way Congresswoman Wilson is presenting it.  Even if it was misplaced, she had the opportunity to use her own office of power to lift the African American fallen soldier up. Instead, she put the President down. It would have been a tremendous opportunity to acknowledge the fact that a sitting president called an African-American widow to communicate his condolences.

My heart truly goes out to the widow and entire family of this American hero who died defending my freedoms and liberties and I pray they dare not use her as a pawn for more of their political agendas.

Leave the family alone!”

William Owens, Jr.


Those who have served our nation with the loosing of their lives
Don’t deserved to be dishonored by being politicized
How unwise to use the blood they bled
To only serve our ambitious needs

God Bless this mighty soldier
The family he leaves behind
May we as a nation pause to realize
The freedoms and liberties we posses
Are made possible by just the 1 percent
They are Americas Best

Rest In Peace my Brother