Guest Avail SGT Mike McGrew
31-Year Career Veteran Law Enforcement officer
Founder of 911 At Ease International
Former Major Crimes Detective
Author of ‘A Higher Call to Duty’

Hostage Negotiator
Former President of the Police Officers Association

Police officer suicide rate more than doubles line-of-duty deaths, study shows.

As a police officer, you never really leave your battlefield, you are constantly faced with the chronic stress of your work environment, says Sgt Mike McGrew.

  • Centers for Disease Control database – Law Enforcement Officers have a 54% higher probability for suicide than does the general U.S. working population – based on a sample of 5 million U.S. workers.
  • The Blue H.E.L.P. study showed 228 officers died by suicide, while 132 officers died in the line of duty in 2019. Texas ranked third with 19 suicides in 2019, behind New York with 23 and California with 21. The organization has aimed to call attention to mental-health concerns among law enforcement. 911 At Ease International is here to help.

Across the country our Law Enforcement Officers  are suffering from alcoholism, divorce, and suicide and allowing this travesty to go on is inhumane.

911 At Ease International is here to help. We provide First Responders access to free and confidential trauma informed counseling. We firmly believe that maintaining  anonymity and confidentiality is essential. Will you help us get the word out?

If you know of a First Responder in crisis, help us let them know we are here to help.

First Responders LOVE their families just like you do…..the only difference is…..they leave their families to protect yours, says Sgt Mike McGrew. There are tens of thousands of great, heroic acts that first responders do every day. To go out there and do a tough job and still have that kind of pressure on you is bringing a lot more issues to the first responders that are out there…especially the police officers.Attacking law enforcement is “an assault” against the community, “an assault against law and order,” and “antithetical to what we value as Americans.”

‘Back the Blue’ rallies spreading nationwide despite ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Defund the Police’ rhetoric as seen in Law Enforcement Today 


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Sgt Mike McGrew, Founder of 911 At Ease International, commits to keeping first responders strong.

Sgt Mike McGrewAbout Sgt. Mike McGrew (Retired)

From his 31-year career as a police officer and sergeant, co-founder and executive director Sgt. Mike McGrew knows first hand the dramatic impact of working the front lines as a first responder. He faced his own struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries and other self-destructive behaviors, after years of dealing with the gruesome and inhuman crimes he encountered while working as a police officer. He also experienced the unbearable pain of losing a child to cancer. Through Sgt. McGrew’s own personal and spiritual journey  of discovering healing from post-traumatic stress injuries, he co-founded 911 At Ease International.Sgt. McGrew published his personal story in A Higher Call to Duty.